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A Case of the Holidays Funk

Alternatives to Traditional Hypnosis Therapy

Arm Catalepsy Hypnosis

Can Hypnosis Help You Lose Weight?

Chevreul's Pendulum Experiment

Clinical Hypnosis to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

Hypnosis for Dentist Fears

Eye Catalepsy Test

Glove Anesthesia

Group Hypnosis or Private Sessions: There IS a Difference

Hands Clasp Test

Hands Rising / Falling Test

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Help! Stop Smoking

5 Reasons to Hire a Hypnotist for the Office Holiday Party

Hire an Entertainer for Your School Event

How Hypnosis Can Help with Career Stress & Anxiety

Hypno-Band, Weight Loss System

How Hypnosis is Helping People with Digestive Disorders

Hypnosis Shows for Conventions and Corporate Events

Hypnotic Suggestibility Testing

What Is the ICBCH Hypnosis Certification, and Why Does It Matter?

Is Hypnosis Good for Anxiety?

Magnetic Fingers Experiment

Managing Stress and Anxiety During COVID-19

March - National Nutrition Month

Why More Physicians Support Hypnosis

Clinical Hypnosis to Help with New Year Resolutions

Number Amnesia

Clinical Hypnosis to Reach Your Summer Weight Loss Goals

Start the 2014 New Year with a Healthy & Positive Mental Outlook

Stop Smoking, Quit Smoking Program

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Weight Loss Hypnosis to Help Children with Obesity

Virtual Hypnosis Sessions During COVID-19

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Overcoming Glossophobia via Clinical Hypnosis

Using Clinical Hypnosis to Overcome One's Fear of Flying

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Stop Smoking Seminar

Stop Smoking Seminar

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