Thank you for inquiring about our ROC Hypnosis Certification Training.  This Hypnosis Certification Training program has been created by Consulting Hypnotist and Certified Hypnosis Instructor Jason Kropidlowski. Training through ROC Hypnosis is approved by, certified by, and recognized through the International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotists (ICBCH).

We are currently offering our 100-hour Certification Training curriculum to meet the requirements set by the ICBCH.  Upon successful completion of the required 100-hours, you will receive a certificate of completion as a Certified Hypnotist through ROC Hypnosis.  This certification is recognized by the ICBCH, meeting minimum qualifications for you to register for membership in the ICBCH. Certification and membership in the ICBCH will qualify you to be eligible to receive professional liability insurance, health insurance, and membership with local credit unions.  The ICBCH is the first and only organization of professional hypnotists to offer such benefits to its members!

This 100-hour Certification Training is currently being conducted in a Group Certification format (requires a minimum of 4-students).  Currently, this program is being conducted in a hybrid format to eliminate travel and accommodation costs for out of area students, to reduce registration cost, and for scheduling ease.  You will be required to have a working computer or tablet, with both microphone and video capability, and the ability to utilize Zoom as our platform.  You will also need to video record a practice session on either a digital recorder/camera, or a smartphone camera, and the ability to upload to a free Dropbox account for submission.

The Group Certification training consists of 50-hours of group video interface training with your ICBCH Certified Instructor, paperback training manuals, hypnosis sessions conducted with others in your group over the internet to ensure competency and readiness to work with clients, and your final exam.  The remaining 50-hours of your training is through at home assignments, practice, reviews, and study.  You will be required to record on video a live-practice session and demonstrations to prove your understanding of the material as part of your assignments.  Also, you will be required to submit 2-original written scripts as a requirement to sit the final exam.  

Group Certification classes are conducted on Saturday & Sundays, every other week, over a 7-week period, with each online class running 7-hours (6.25 hours class with 45-minutes allowed for lunch).

Our next upcoming 2023 ROC Certification Class is scheduled for: 

April 22/23, May 6/7, May 20/21, and June 3/4.

Classes run from 9am until 4pm EST

After completion of the above requirements, you will need to complete a 100-question open book exam, consisting of 50-multiple choice questions, and 50-true or false questions.  You will be allotted up to 2-hours for the exam.  Passing grade is a minimum of 75% (exam retests are available at $50 each if you do not meet the minimum passing grade).

The investment of the Group Certification Training Program is $980.00 if paid in full upon registration.  We also offer two additional payment plan options: A 2-Payment Plan, in which you will be charged two payments of $540.00 each, 30-days apart.  A 3-Payment Plan, in which you will be charged three payments of $410.00 each, 30-days apart.  (Please note, registration is non-refundable, and Certifications will not be issued or mailed out until completion of financial obligation).

To secure your spot in the upcoming Certification Training, and to begin a lucrative career as a Certified Hypnotist, click on the link below to register!

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We look forward to seeing you in our upcoming training!

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