Enjoy a hilarious time with Comedy Stage Hypnotist Robbie Spier Miller. 

You can trust Robbie to guide your crowd through an experience of safe, clean fun. The audience members become the stars of the stage hypnosis show. Everyone is kept safe and free of embarrassment. Experience an intriguing journey into the power of the human mind. 

Hypnotist Robbie Spier Miller guides you through a hilarious experience of safe clean fun. Since 2006, Robbie has hypnotized thousands of people, including in Las Vegas, Orlando, Niagara Falls and the Greater Toronto Area.

Book your unforgettable stage hypnosis show for: 

  • Corporate events 
  • Christmas parties or other celebrations (weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, retirement parties) 
  • Post-prom events 
  • Fundraisers (sports teams, charities etc.) 
  • Custom special events 

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Proud Member of the International Hypnosis Association & the National Guild of Hypnotists

International Hypnosis Association 

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