Tis the time of the year for holiday celebrations, family gatherings, and festivities galore. However, this is the time of year that the average American will gain
weight, over-eat, and consume mass amounts of sugar. Despite good intentions of eating healthy, exercising, & losing weight in the new year, the majority of us fall victim to just the opposite.

There's great news! You CAN end this vicious cycle of behavioral problems once and for all! ROC Hypnosis is here to assist you in taking back control of your weight & health.

A thin man and thin woman wearing over-sized jeans to show off their weight loss

Too many people use excuses such as; "obesity runs in my family", "I have a slow metabolism", "it's too expensive to eat healthy", "I don't have time to exercise", and one of my favorites, "my doctor told me I'm going to gain weight because...".  I'm here to tell you ALL of those are not entirely true! You CAN change your eating habits, emotional connections with food, and get yourself more movement into your daily routine, and we are here to help make it easy.

Now, of the hundreds of weight loss clients we help yearly, here are the 5 biggest reasons most people have weight issue, all of which are to be changed easily:

  1. Portions - we live in a society of "Biggie, Super size, Value Meal" mentality, in which many have lost the natural ability to recognize when they are SATISFIED. This leads people to eat until they are FULL, and left feeling run down & uncomfortable. Most people eat 2-3 times the amount necessary for optimum health & nutrition.
  2. Food Choices - we live in a society that revolves around convenience, and speed. Sadly, the majority of our foods available are either canned, boxed, processed, or frozen. Of these, a majority are labeled as healthy, low-fat, and all natural, diet, misleading consumers to think they are proper food choices. The reality, is that these common foods are many of the culprits behind poor health and weight issues. Unfortunately, our government regulations allow this misleading information to be given, even by government resources.
  3. Emotional Eating - this is classified as eating for any reason other than genuine hunger. Too many people eat out of sadness, anxiousness, boredom, reward or simply because food is available. Often, this is done during the evening hours, prior to sleep. This in and of itself creates many weight issues.
  4. Water Consumption- while our bodies are comprised primarily of water, too few of us get enough daily water to keep all the systems of our body properly functioning. All too often we turn to alternative beverages, such as coffee, teas, sugary and syrupy beverages, and alcohol as our primary liquids that we consume. Proper water consumption is an essential factor in losing and maintaining weight loss.
  5. Exercise - the word alone create negative thoughts and anxiety in the minds of many. Exercise does not mean going to a gym or partaking in a fitness class, although these are wonderful methods of getting exercise.  Exercise relates to getting 20-40 minutes of physical activity on a regular basis aside from your daily routine, regardless of how physical you job or work may be. Exercise can be yard work, snow removal, house cleaning, walking, dancing and more, along with joining a gym or fitness class.

Through the proper approach, these lifestyle changes can easily be changed and maintained, with minimal effort.  It's not about hard work, will power, or deprivation. That doesn't work! If it did, most people with Wright issues wouldn't have them, because most have repeatedly tried these approaches over & over again.

If you are sick and tired of accepting being overweight, out of shape, or unhealthy, and you truly want to take back control of your health & happiness, we are awaiting your phone call.  Call ROC Hypnosis now at (800) 550-1424 x1. One of our four certified consulting hypnotist will be happy to help you achieve your goals.