fear of flyingThere's a reason why the term "fear of flying' is so ubiquitous in today's modern lexicon; because many (and we're talking many millions here), suffer from aerophobia, or the fear of flying. And while the root causes of this of-so-common fear are as diverse as they are a mystery, one thing remains the same: it is a very, very powerful phobia that affects a concerning percentage of the population.

For some people, the fear of flying has to do with the anxiety caused by separation from the ground, while others have more specific fears that are uniquely-attributed to airplanes, the act of flying, or changes that take place within the body upon changes in altitude. Clearly, this is one of the most comprehensive of all phobias - as evidenced by the statistics.

What do each one of these individuals have in common? Each one of them has the potential to overcome and move forward confidently, using clinical hypnosis to resolve their fear of flying.

Why Hypnosis for Fear of Flying?

  • Effective. Hypnosis, that is, clinical hypnosis done in a carefully controlled, safe setting, has a very high effectiveness rate, especially among those who have been afraid to fly their entire life.
  • Safe. Unlike some drugs used to treat anxieties caused by specific phobias, such as those like the fear of flying, clinical hypnosis is a 100% safe and non-evasive way to address even the more deep-seeded fears.
  • Affordable. Years of medications and/or years of professional psychotherapy can be extremely expensive. Hypnosis, in contrast, is very affordable and does not require long-term care.

Clinical hypnosis has been used for literally thousands of years, to address a full spectrum of physical, emotional and psychological challenges. Only recently, however, in the last half century or so, have these ancient techniques been able to be studied, monitored, controlled and improved upon - all non-evasively. Today, clinical hypnosis remains one of the most successful ways to help people overcome the fear of flying, as well as many airplane, confinement, and separation-related fears, and others associated with flying.

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