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As the leading center for hypnosis in Rochester NY, we are delighted that your search brought you here. And clearly, you're not alone. There's a reason why so many individuals are turning to clinical hypnosis: to overcome a personal, emotional or professional dilemma, to build confidence and self-esteem, the desire to take charge of their lives, while making significant and long-lasting positive changes.

At Rochester Hypnosis, we work patiently and interpersonally with each client, customizing their sessions to help them achieve their goals. Regardless of what you're going through, where you've been, or what you're hoping to achieve, you can have complete confidence in the abilities, compassion, and integrity of our highly-trained certified hypnosis professionals.

Jason KropidlowskiJason Kropidlowski was introduced to hypnosis back in 1987, and has used it throughout his life.

Initially, he used hypnosis solely for aiding in athletics. As a high school football player, a weight lifter, and a mountain bike racer, Jason used hypnosis to focus and "stay in the zone". He also used it to manage pain and discomfort, and to push his body beyond the average physical limits and stresses.

Later, Jason used his training in hypnosis during his career in the military. He used it for everything from pain management, functioning under sleep deprivation, stress management, and separation anxiety and depression.

During this time period, Jason attended his first comedy stage hypnosis show at a Florida night club. Aware of his ability to be hypnotized easily, he volunteered as one of the hypnotists many subjects for the show. Needless to say, Jason was the hit of the show. This sparked Jason's interest in the use of hypnosis for entertainment.

During the years that followed, Jason continued practicing hypnosis, refining and perfecting his skills, and discovering many more important and fulfilling uses for hypnosis in his life.

Today, Jason has made a career of his passion, and is dedicated to share the life altering benefits of hypnosis with others.

Jason is a Certified Consulting Hypnotist, Certified Sports Hypnotist, owner of ROC Hypnosis in Rochester NY, and a proud member of the National Guild of Hypnotists. He helps people with clinical hypnosis for problems such as fears, anxiety, depression, weight loss, sleep disorders, addictions, and smoking cessation, and more!

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I have been to see Jason for a few different issues and have experienced fantastic results. I was skeptical because I had tried hypnosis in the past and felt it was not successful at all. Jason's technique was different from the very beginning. I think a key part of my success was that he provides MP3 recording of each session at no additional charge. Jason is very professional and really takes the time to listen to you and understand exactly what help you need, then customizes the sessions for you. If you are thinking about hypnosis for weight loss, smoking, or any other issue, definitely give ROC hypnosis a try first!
- Nicki , NY - Nov 12, 2015

Patty first learned about hypnosis from her parents.  Her dad taught her to harness the power of her mind in martial arts, while her mother was her rock when it came to teaching her how to pray and look within herself for the answers to her sometimes difficult questions in life. She learned she could accomplish anything she set her mind to. Patty has used these techniques throughout her entire life, and has seen first hand the positive changes they create.

Patty became her own success story of hypnosis by losing significant weight and changing her lifestyle to improve her health.  She has created a completely new healthier life for herself, allowing her to continue on her journey for ideal health & weight. Her friends and family were astonished at the accomplishment and are still talking about it to this day.  

Patty has always instilled in others the importance of positive thinking and has been a perfect example of it in her daily life.  She's assisted friends and family to use the power of hypnosis and the mind to obtain their dreams and acheive their goals. 

Today, Patty is a Certified Consulting Hypnotist who loves helping people achieve their goals in the same easy way. She helps people through  the creation of personalized plans to help them achieve the very best outcome in the least amount of time & effort.  Her attention to details, extensive knowledge of selecting the proper techniques for the individual, along with her hypnotic skills have been the backbone of her clients success.  

Patty considers it an honor to be part of the ROC Hypnosis team and takes great pride in helping people help themselves, to assist them in achieving their desired goals.

I wasn't sure if hypnosis was the right move for me. I had quit smoking so many times before. But I wanted it to be forever this time. I knew two people who had used hypnosis in the past to quit smoking, and it worked well for them. So, I gave it a try. I am so glad I did! I'm very happy to say that I've not had a cigarette since my first session and I have ZERO desire to have one again. EVER!"
- Tony Diepietri Rochester, NY - May 10, 2017

David first experienced hypnosis in his late teens, when a hypnotist visited his school.  The hypnotist explained how the power of ones mind could accomplish great things. He taught about the numerous positive uses for hypnosis and how it could benefit ones daily life.  Spiking Davids interest, David began using what he learned about hypnosis, and applied self-hypnosis throughout his early adulthood for pain relief, stress reduction, and to maintain a positive attitude & outlook on life.

In 2010, David attended a comedy hypnosis show that ultimately changed his life. He was fascinated at what he saw. After the show, David began talking to the hypnotist and telling him about what he experienced back in high school. The hypnotist told David that he operated a hypnosis clinic where he too helps others to achieve personal goals using the same techniques that David learned years ago. This intrigued David, especially when the hypnotist mentioned he was a Certified Instructor, who trains those interested in becoming a hypnotist.  This was the point at which David decided to take a leap of faith to learn to help others benefit from the amazing, almost magical benefits of hypnosis. 

David enrolled in hypnosis classes to become a Certified Hypnotist & immediately fell in love with it. It just seemed to come naturally to him. He looked forward to each class and his understanding of the content came easier then he could ever have imagined. David knew he had made the correct choice. He proudly graduated 1st in his class, impressing his instructor with his passion for hypnosis & helping others. 

David was invited to join the ROC Hypnosis team shortly after graduation. He assists clients daily with smoking cessation, weight loss, confidence, overcoming fears, sleep enhancement and empowerment to help others create a better quality of life. David is a proud member of the National Guild of Hypnotists and is recognized as both a Certified Consulting Hypnotist and a Stage Hypnotist. Aside from working one-on-one with clients, David is also a charismatic public speaker and enjoys lecturing before groups, businesses and organizations. He also is the host of the “Hypnotizing Eyez Show”, a comedy hypnosis show available for private parties, public venues, corporate events, fund raisers and other events.

David is excited to be a part of the ROC Hypnosis team and shares a passion with hypnotists worldwide in helping people succeed, achieved their goals and ultimately change their life. 

For more information, to schedule a free, no-obligation screening, or to book the “Hypnotizing Eyez Show" for your next function, call (585) 267-5756 ext. 2  NOW!

I came here to overcome anxiety, pain and depression. I saw Dave and he literally swooped in like a superhero to save my day. Dave is an outstanding therapist with boundless compassion and commitment to his patients. His love and devotion to his tireless mission of saving others from the dilemmas is beyond my ability to describe. Thank you so much for all your help Dave!!
- Jonathan Rochester, NY - Aug 18, 2017

Proud Member of the International Hypnosis Association & the National Guild of Hypnotists

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