Stage fright, butterflies in the stomach, stuttering, stammering, shaking, sweating; these are all symptoms and characteristics of a condition called Glossophobia, or it's more common nomenclature… the fear of public speaking, or the fear of speaking in front of a group or audience.  It is a condition that affects more people than perhaps any other common fear, and can strike even the most confident individuals. 

What many people do not know, however, is that this increasingly-common phobia is one that can be treated, improved and eventually cured completely.  And while there are obviously no shortages of potential remedies, many who have tried other options and failed, have found success in overcoming the fear of group speaking through clinical hypnosis.

How Can Hypnosis Help Me with Glossophobia?

First of all, it is of considerable importance to remember that you are not alone.  Some of the most reliable figures estimate that close to 80% of all people deal with some type of fear of public speaking in their lifetime.  Unlike sedatives, mood pills and other therapies, hypnosis helps in identifying, exploring and relinquishing the root causes, which make speaking to large groups so intense and awkward.

What are the Benefits of Clinical Hypnosis for Glossophobia?

Using hypnosis to treat or manage one's fear of public speaking, has a wealth of unique advantages.  First, it is significantly less expensive than most other treatment types, such as medications, speech therapists, and years of psychiatric counseling.  Additionally, hypnosis is completely non-invasive, and has a considerably respectable success rate.  

Is there a Clinical Hypnosis Center near Rochester NY?

Roc Hypnosis, the leading clinical hypnotherapy center in upstate NY, has an office conveniently located in Rochester, serving the entire WNY region.  We are a very comfortable and considerate group of health professionals, who have been helping people just like you for over 20 years.  Whether you're dealing with the occasional bout or public speaking jitters, are in a career that requires frequent speeches, or otherwise, help is indeed available.

If you're in the Rochester area and considering trying clinical hypnosis, to help you get off the ground and free to travel at will, Roc Hypnosis can help you on your path to becoming free to soar again.  Contact us through our website, or call us at (585)267-5756.

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