This method is one of many methods a hypnotist can employ when reducing or eliminating pain, discomfort, or perceived pain. This method is used for dental work and minor surgeries/procedures.  As depicted in the video, the hypnotist gets the client to relax and to imagine her hand becoming numb and tingly, as if it has fallen asleep.  Once the client can imagine that and hand does become numb and tingly, client is told she will always feel touch and pressure, but not pain or discomfort.  Once the hypnotist is assured the client has achieved this metal state, he pinches her hand and twists the skin being pinched, creating a mark and the blood to be drawn to the surface.  Yet, client only feels pressure and no discomfort.  She doesn't flinch or show any sign of disliking. Then the client is told to allow normal feeling to return to hand, in which she comfortably notices the mark on her hand.