If you’ve considered trying hypnosis to lose weight, stop smoking, overcome fears or any other number of personal struggles, it’s understandable that traditional one-on-one sessions might seem a little unnerving.  And while this is a totally common concern, it should not deter you from utilizing hypnotherapy as a way of making improvements in your daily life.  For those who might have their reservations about coming to an office alone for the first time, there are a number of alternatives that stand to offer just as much benefit.

Here are just a few of the electronic and non-traditional hypnotherapy services we offer here are ROC Hypnosis in Rochester NY, we invite you to explore them all to find the one that puts you at the greatest ease.

Alternatives to Traditional Hypnosis Therapy

Group Hypnotherapy Sessions

Whether you’re a group of friends looking to lose weight or co-workers who want to kick the smoking habit together, group hypnosis is a wonderful option for those who might not feel ready for traditional one-on-one sessions yet. Group hypnosis can be conducted to address any number of emotional or physical concerns, while providing additional peace of mind for those seeking the comfort of a group setting.

Skype Sessions on Skype

The internet has made it possible for individuals to address their personal struggles right from the comfort of their home, office, or anywhere one feels more at ease.  Skype hypnosis is just as effective as face-to-face sessions, with the added convenience of being in a setting where you feel completely safe, relaxed and on familiar ground.  They’re ideal for busy parents and professionals, and can used to help quit smoking, eliminate fears, lose weight and much more.

Hypnosis Audio Downloads

Most people know about the benefits of deep meditation, and just as many utilize it to decompress after stressful days.  What many don’t know, is that meditation and hypnotherapy are uniquely related.  Whether you’re a regular to hypnotherapy or just curious about how it can help, our hypnosis downloads are a great option.  ROC Hypnosis has downloadable sessions for a wide range of concerns, allowing you to listen before bed, after work or whenever it’s convenient.

If you’re in the Rochester area and considering hypnosis to improve your quality of life, we invite you to learn more about the many options available to help you do exactly that.  Call ROC Hypnosis today at 800-550-1424 for complete information or answers to your questions.  You can also write to us discretely through our website’s contact page.