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anxiety release audio MP3

Anxiety Release Audio MP3
If you are troubled with the symptoms of anxiety, then using our Anxiety Release MP3 session can help you to learn to quickly and effectively control your anxiety.

Childhood ADHD - Concentration and Focus Audio MP3
Childhood ADHD is a very difficult problem for both the child and the caregiver. Our Childhood ADHD - Concentration and Focus Audio MP3 can help the child with ADHD to concentrate on a single task and increase their ability to stay focused.

Children's Fear of Dentists
While dental hygiene is important to overall health, a fear of going to the dentist may place your child's health at risk. This easy and simple to use MP3 will help your child overcome the fears that they once had about visiting the dentist.

Chocolate Addiction
This wonderful MP3 will help you to rid your addiction to chocolate, leading to better heath, and decreased chances of diseases such as diabetes, heart attacks, tooth decay and obesity attributed to overindulgence in chocolates.

Coffee Addiction
This wonderful MP3 will take you into the central computer of your mind to delete the desires for coffee and caffeine. Listen daily and watch your desire and cravings vanish rapidly, without withdrawals or headaches.


Concentration & Memory Enhancement
If you are troubled with the symptoms of anxiety, then using our Anxiety Release MP3 session can help you to learn to quickly and effectively control your anxiety.

Control Bed Wetting Audio MP3
Is there a child or pre-teen in your life that is experiencing bed wetting? While this is common and usually can be outgrown in time, our Control Bed Wetting MP3 can help the child or pre-teen to quickly and confidently overcome their bed wetting problem.

Deep Relaxations
Allow your daily stresses and tension fade away, as your body becomes filled with deep feelings of comfort, relaxation, and total inner peace. A wonderful way to either start or finish your day.

Fear of Flying
While flying may be one of the most convenient modes of travel, many fear flying, preventing them from traveling and enjoying far away places. This MP3 will empower one to overcome their fears of flying, once and for all.

Fear of Spiders
Does the thought or sight of these eight legged creatures bring panic or fear to you? Is so, this MP3 can help you to relax around these amazing and important creatures.

Improved Listening Skills
Does your mind wander, after allowing important information to enter and exit the brain without ever processing the information? You are not alone. Listening skills are the basis to better understanding, better leadership, and success. Use this MP3 regularly and see for yourself the difference.

Lose Weight Easily Audio MP3
Carrying extra weight and having a hard time getting rid of it? Tired of "fad" diets and infomercial gimmicks that burn a hole in your packet book? Our Lose Weight Easily Audio MP3 is a simple, effective, and lasting method to help you to lose weight easily.

Overcome Procrastination
Is procrastination preventing you from achieving what you deserve and desire? Do you constantly put things off till a better day, time or place? Are you one who often doesn't follow through? If so, this MP3 will help get your mind on-track and overcoming procrastination, now!

Overcome Test Anxiety
While being an ideal student may be easy for some, the anxiety many students go through at test time not only hinders their success on the test, but takes a huge toll on their body and confidence. This MP3 will place the student as ease, and take the anxiety out of test taking.


Stop Emotional Eating Audio MP3
Do you find yourself eating due to emotions and not true hunger? Has your weight and or health become compromised by this emotional eating problem? Our Stop Emotional Eating Audio MP3 can help you stop you emotional eating and help you get the healthy body and weight you desire.


Stop Smoking With 3-Sessions MP3 Package
Stop smoking with 3-sessions using this 3-MP3 audio program. If you are unable to attend our highly successfully (80%) Stop Smoking with 3-Sessions hypnosis at our Rochester, NY office, this alternative may be right for you! Simply by listening to our hypnotic sessions on MP3, over a period of 3-weeks, you will have reprogrammed your mind through hypnosis to quit smoking and the bad habits that trigger you to smoke. Using this method, you will have the tools necessary to become a non-smoker, often before the final session!

Successful Interviews Audio MP3
Are you interviewing for jobs and need to be reassured that your interviews will go successfully? Our Successful Interviews MP3 will help you to be confident, relaxed, and ready for you next interview.


Weight Loss Made Easy With Hypnosis - 8 Sessions MP3 Package
If you are looking to seriously and safely lose 25+ pounds, maintain a healthy lifestyle, keep the weight off, and feel and look better than ever, but can't attend sessions at our Rochester, NY office, THIS MP3 PACKAGE IS FOR YOU! You will learn not only how to eliminate bad habits and choices in the foods you eat, but also will learn how to mange you emotions, live a healthy lifestyle, and become more active to support and maintain the weight you will lose. Simply listen to one MP3 nightly for a period of a week, and by the completion of your 8th MP3 on the 8th week, you will have hypnotically transformed your thoughts and actions, giving you the tools to lose 25+ lbs of unwanted weight!


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