Many people call our office with inquiries about our services.  One of the most common questions asked is if there's a difference in success between group session and private sessions.  The answer quite honestly is yes. This is one of those cases that you truly get what you pay for.

Group or Private Hypnosis SessionsWhile there are many practitioners offering discounted group sessions, deeper discounted group sessions on social media such as Groupon, and the ever famous traveling hypnotist visiting your area hotel for a massive group session, the success of such group session generally lacks.  The primary reason is that group sessions are not customized to address the specific needs of each client.  Rather, they are like a one size fits all diet or workout program.  While one size fits all can work for some, most people achieve very little benefit, or short term gains.  Because of the number of client being seen in a group, a hypnotist can not address the specific needs of each client due to time restraints and other limitations such as privacy and individualism.  Each person attending is an individual, and therefore has their own unique reasons for change, as well as obstacles to overcome. Therefore, an individualized approach is essential for the greatest long term success, in the least amount of time.

At ROC Hypnosis, we pride ourselves on taking the private, individualized & customized approach. We contribute the consistent success rates of our clients primarily to this.  With a private session, we can address the individuals reason for being in the situation they wish to change, their reasons for desired change, their lifestyle and personal limitations, and their specific goals or outcomes they want to achieve.  This greatly reduces the number of sessions required, reduces trial and error approaches, and increases the clients overall long term success.  As individuals we work hard to provide for our families and our income, and our approach gives our clients the peace of mind knowing that they are going to get the best care and results for their hard earned investment.  As the saying goes, you really do get what you pay for.

If you are ready to make the changes you desire and want to see if hypnosis is right for you, please call us at (800) 550-1424 x1 to schedule your initial consultation today.  ROC Hypnosis - "Helping Everyday People with Everyday Problems".