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* Individual Results May Vary

* Individual Results May Vary

Anonymous Victor, NY - Jan 10, 2023

I made a promise to myself to become a non-smoker after 38-years. Jason gave me the confidence and tools to become successful during these stressful times. I would highly recommend and already have recommended ROC Hypnosis to friends and family.

Catherine Tucker Rochester, NY - Jan 9, 2023

I was seeking every possible option after my son committed suicide. ROC Hypnosis helped me to regain control over unwanted emotions, guilt and fears. I understand that grief will live within me, but I now have the tools to not allow them to paralyze me. I will continue following the recordings so that i can continue moving forward and healing. Now I will move forward in love and light.

Margaret Amos Batavia, NY - Jan 9, 2023

I really enjoyed my hypnosis sessions and appreciate having the recordings to continue the process. I felt supported in my goals, without judgement. My hypnotist was flexible with scheduling, personable, and overall very helpful. I feel the sessions were well worth the time and investment, and I recomed it to all who want help changing their behaviors or habits.

Dr. S. Rochester, NY - Nov 25, 2022

My experience with ROC Hypnosis has been awesome! Through my experience, I have gained increased self-confidence, self-love and a decrease in my anxiety and panic symptoms.

Barb King Rochester, NY - Nov 11, 2022

I came here because my sleep cycles were terrible- frequent waking, insomnia, and terrible sleep quality. Through these sessions, my sleep has become so much better, it’s amazing! Although I still wake up in the middle of the night, I am now able to soothe and return to sleep. I know my quality of sleep is in fact, getting better as well since I, wake up, refreshed and energized. I also found myself not napping as much as I used to.

Julie Gardner Rochester, NY - Nov 10, 2022

I had a great experience and showed improvements. Everyone was very professional and flexible. You could tell they were invested in their work and made it a very comfortable place to be. They did a great job, explaining the process and answered all my questions.

Dylan Bachmann Rochester, NY - Nov 10, 2022

My experience at ROC Hypnosis has been very beneficial in helping me to overcome performance anxiety for playing cello, and anxiety in general. Throughout the course of my sessions, I have acquired new tools to help keep my performance anxiety in check, which is allowed my true cello playing abilities to come through!

Zack Bareham Rochester, NY - Oct 17, 2022

The experience was great! Tracey was nice and very understanding. She did a great job.

Nicole Churchville, NY - Sep 28, 2022

I just completed my third session. After my first, I surprise myself, and did really well dealing with my bad habit. The second session helped reinforce the first. Then, I went on vacation in between my second and third session and I got a little bit backtracked. But, after my third session, I’m feeling confident once again, and I know I can do this for my kids and myself!

Bridget Kittel Churchville, NY - Sep 22, 2022

I have just completed my third session to quit smoking. I am very glad that I picked ROC Hypnosis. I have felt comfortable from the first phone call I made to my last visit. I am confident that I have overcome my smoking and I’m on the road to a healthier life.

Barb King New York, NY - Sep 15, 2022

I came here because I have been living and suffering with anxiety and panic attacks for over 30 years. I was at my wits end and didn’t know what else to do. This was a big step for me and I’m glad I did it. I learned a lot of coping mechanisms and tools to help me calm and get on better with my anxious thoughts and behaviors that would previously have overwhelm me quickly. This has empowered me to break free, although not over it, but enough to get me through some really tough times. Jason has a calm and soothing voice and relaxed me very much. I would definitely recommend this to anyone that has an open mind and wants change.

Barbara Rochester, NY - Sep 9, 2022

I sought help with hypnosis to help me deal with the symptoms of IBS which had become debilitating. After the first session with Jason, I achieved relaxation that I had not known for a very long time. As we progressed, I was able to produce a good sense of calm and more control over stress as I practice using the tools that Jason gave me. Although I have a ways to go, I now know that I can continue to gain more control of my feelings and the consequent physical reactions by practicing with the tools I have acquired consistently. This will certainly help me in the future as I age and my challenges both physically and mentally increase. I would highly recommend this approach to anyone who is willing to try it!

Kellene F. Paul Rochester, NY - Sep 7, 2022

I sought ROC Hypnosis to work on the grief I was experiencing over the loss of my middle son. I had 10 sessions that have helped me greatly with my anxiety that my grief was igniting in me. We also dealt with a few other of my past experiences that have been floating around in my subconscious mind and causing me emotional and physical stress. I feel that the techniques and audios Jason providing me with are a great source of comfort and continue to help me moving forward. I would highly recommend ROC Hypnosis to anyone looking for emotional assistance and relief.

AB Rochester, NY, NY - Aug 20, 2022

I can not recommend Roc Hypnosis highly enough; I approached RH due to my nail biting and picking. I have been troubled by this habit for over 20 yeas. I had tried all kinds of ways to quit, with no lasting results for more than a few days. For a long time, I had given up hope, thinking that I would never be able to not bite my nails. By chance, a friend suggested hypnosis. I realized that putting my hands near my mouth was a sub-conscious habit, so I might benefit from sub-conscious nonconscious therapy. I worked with Hypnotherapist Marc Woolf. He was phenomenal. Completely professional and compassionate and responsive. After a few weeks of listening to my hypnosis tapes, my nailbiting habit is gone. Moreover, I feel extremely relaxed and have tackled a big portion of my anxiety with this same hypnosis. I look forward to coming back to my hypnosis tapes time and again for the rest of my life. I would recommend this practice to any of my family or friends.

JP Rochester, NY - Aug 18, 2022

This program has helped me get a better understanding of myself, my surroundings and my mental health. I believe this will allow me the long-term ability with my commitment to be smoke-free.

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