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* Individual Results May Vary

* Individual Results May Vary

Jilly Rochester, NY - Jun 20, 2024

I began working with Jason to lose weight and work on my stress-eating habits. In addition to making great strides in making better food choices, I've been able to better manage my stress at work and home, so I feel more capable and confident all around. My friends and family were surprised to see me refuse desserts and snacks, but I was much more easily able to say no to extra food when I wasn't hungry. I didn't want to feel like I failed at another unrealistic diet, but this program feels very balanced and like I'm naturally making good choices. I'm down a few pounds, which feels great, but even better is feeling like I can keep going, like I'm really making changes and better habits. I would definitely recommend this to others - it was easy to work into my busy life, and helped manage more issues than my weight.

Garrett Webster, NY - Jun 19, 2024

Outstanding results. Looking for weight loss and control fast eating habits. Jason was awesome and helped me control my eating and gave me tools to further succeed after. Thank you

Anonymous Rochester, NY - Jun 17, 2024

After dealing with anxiety and depression for over 40 years and not getting any lasting results with the conventional treatment I received, I decided to go outside the box. I researched the internet and ultimately found Jason at Roc Hypnosis. After our initial conversation, I felt that Jason could help me with the struggles I have been dealing with for so long. I worked with Jason for eight sessions and at the conclusion, I can say with confidence that he has truly helped me and that the techniques he taught me will assist me in the future to deal with any issues that arise. I highly recommend Jason at Roc Hypnosis.

K.O. Rochester, NY - Jun 5, 2024

I sought ROC Hypnosis services for weight loss. Based on the initial consultation and subsequent sessions, Jason provided customized sessions to address my areas of need. The sessions helped ground my focus on the long-term goals rather than immediate fixes. As I move forward, I will continue to use my daily mantra and listen to my hypnosis sessions to reinforce positive choices.

Alyssa Hickey Rochester, NY - May 29, 2024

Jason is incredibly skilled and compassionate, taking the time to tailor each session to my specific needs. His professional and empathetic approach made all the difference in my journey towards better mental health with managing stress and anxiety. If you're considering hypnotherapy for anxiety, I highly recommend giving ROC hypnosis a try. It has truly been a life-changing experience for me.

Betty McT Nunda, NY - Feb 27, 2024

Jason has such an amazing positive energy, it’s contagious!! I just finished my 3 week program, I am so excited to be a non smoker!!! I will tell you this IF YOU WANT TO QUIT, call, text or contact this group! God bless you

Yannick Lockport, NY - Jan 26, 2024

I had my doubts about what hypnosis could do to help with my situation, but had decided to give it a chance and allow myself to participate with abandon and trust in the process. I'm glad I did. Jason has been key in providing me with the tools necessary to manage several aspects of my condition, which in turn has empowered me and helped me manage many situations since I started my sessions. I have no doubt in the benefits and power of hypnosis. In addition, leaving the sessions with a recording I can playback at-will has proven extremely valuable to me.

Patricia Rochester, NY - Dec 29, 2023

After sharing my fear of flying and the need to fly to accompany a family member for out of town surgery, my holistic doctor suggested I try ROC hypnosis. I just completed six sessions with Jason. Jason is an experienced professional that has a sincere interest in helping his clients. I had never experienced hypnosis before but found it to be very relaxing and helpful. I followed all of his instructions each week as this fear is something that I am very motivated to overcome. Jason tapes each session and each day between sessions, I listened to it to strengthen the experience and to use the tools that he teaches during the sessions. I look forward to using the tools for my upcoming trip. Thank you Jason!

Reny Sanford, ME - Dec 14, 2023

I decided to seek out hypnosis after my trip to Italy was hampered by my longstanding bathroom anxiety. Before the trip I had already sought out therapeutic help for the issue, but I saw little improvement. When I got home, I decided to try to tackle the issue again with a different approach. I knew that hypnotism was a method that was sometimes employed to treat issues that didn't improve using traditional therapy, my great-aunt and uncle had actually gone to a hypnotist to help them quit smoking, and they swore by it. Upon researching hypnotists near me, I found Mr. Kropidlowski, and I had a consultation with him. Throughout the consultation Mr. Kropidlowski was kind, patient, understanding, and professional. He first explained what hypnosis was to me, and after determining whether I was a good candidate for this treatment, he walked me through what the program would entail if I decided to employ his services. At the end of the consultation, he assured me that I could take my time deciding whether I was still interested in hypnosis, and that I could take a few days before I gave him my answer. His demeanor was consistent throughout my sessions with him, and he didn't once make me feel embarrassed or condescended to. I especially appreciated this because of the nature of my issue. Over the course of my sessions, I saw improvement. While I still experienced some bathroom anxiety, it was less prevalent, and I found that I had to leave my work to use the bathroom less. In addition to listening to audio recordings of my hypnosis sessions, I was also taught several coping methods to help with anxiety, stress, and panic. Since learning them, I have employed them multiple times to help me calm down in stressful situations. I am hopeful that through practice I will continue to improve and will be able to enjoy myself more fully in life. If you are a person suffering from an issue you are self-conscious or embarrassed of, I would definitely recommend Mr. Kropidlowski. I felt very comfortable around him and enjoyed our sessions together.

Anonymous Rochester, NY - Dec 8, 2023

My wife and I found hypnotism incredibly helpful to quit smoking. We saw a study decrease in desire for cigarettes. I am 100% confident I will not smoke again.

Tom Grabinski Rochester, NY - Nov 22, 2023

Came here to get help in my desire to stop smoking after 57 years of it. I believe that after my visits that I have the tools to become a non-smoker. Time will tell. I know that i have more tools than I have ever had. Now it is up to me to use them and become the person that I know I can be, and stop this rotten habit at last! I will become free of all nicotine!

Kelly Rochester, NY - Nov 16, 2023

I was a smoker for over 30 years and I knew I needed help to finally quit. I contacted Jason/Roc Hypnosis because I have heard other testimonials of people using hypnosis to finally kick the habit. The techniques I learned from my sessions not only helped me quit, I have gained useful tools to reduce stress and be a happier person. I would definitely recommend Jason to anyone who wants to quit smoking!

KB Rochester, NY - Oct 26, 2023

After working with about 8 different therapists, I was at my wit's end and didn't want to try getting help anymore. I sought ROC Hypnosis because this was the one method I hadn't tried yet. I can wholeheartedly say this works for me. I had deep-seated child abandonment issues that branched off into anxiety, mild co-dependency, insomnia, and self-confidence issues. ROC Hypnosis developed a program to address all of this. Since I started working with him about 3 months ago, I have had NO anxiety and am less fearful of abandonment (though I'm still working on that). My confidence has been great, which results in no co-dependency. I would absolutely recommend ROC Hypnosis for whatever situation -- I basically made a list of all of my concerns, and they were all addressed.

Tyler S. Rochester, NY - Oct 5, 2023

I came to ROC Hypnosis for help with managing and dealing with a variety of anxiety related issues. The experience in working with them has been amazing. My anxiety has become much more manageable and continues to improve every day. I feel like I can live my life again. I would 100% recommend anyone in a similar predicament to reach out to Roc Hypnosis for help in managing issues around anxiety or self doubt. 

J Rochester, NY - Sep 6, 2023

Jason helped me so much with building back up my confidence and self esteem. Setting boundaries and goals towards working out life’s challenges and relationship goals; and doing what I need to over come barriers, obstacles, road blocks or excuses I’m making towards getting better on a daily basis.

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