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* Individual Results May Vary

* Individual Results May Vary

rochester, NY - Sep 27, 2016

I tried many diets but always gained it back.I was a little disappointed I didn't lose faster,but I realised I did hypnosis for 8 weeks and never gained back a lb.! That's a tribute right there!Jason was great and I thank him.

Rochester, NY - Sep 26, 2016

I came to Roc Hypnosis looking for a new approach to weight loss, having done every yo-yo diet imaginable. Each week we worked on a new topic relating to building better habits to help me reach my goals. When I listened to my audios regularly I definitely saw progress and it felt easier to make those healthy choices. I will continue to listen to my audio recordings on a regular basis to continue making progress!

West Henrietta, NY - Sep 13, 2016

I came into the free screening because my husband had such great results from his sessions. I had been battling severe anxiety for most of my life, not even knowing how much it was controlling me, until it started to affect every relationship I had and I could no longer ignore it's voice and the fight I was having to let mine be heard. ROC Hypnosis gave me the exact tools I needed to overcome my anxiety and to take steps I needed to be free of this fight. I cannot recommend ROC Hypnosis enough, and I have already started telling my friends about how great of a resource it is in battling areas of our life that we have lost control over.

Rochester, NY - Sep 11, 2016

Very comforting and relaxing environment, helped me boost my confidence and athletic performance by increasing my confidence, helped me focus increasingly.

Rochester, NY - Aug 3, 2016

Came to Jason to lose weight. Results exceeded my expectations in all respects. Lost close to 40 pounds, and have maintained that weight loss for the past several months. My mind is strong, and there's no chance of returning to my old habits. Truly remarkable. Now seeing Jason to improve other areas of my life as well. If you're looking for positive change, this is the place to find it.

Webster, NY - Aug 1, 2016

I came in with an open mind not having much knowledge about hypnosis. Jason was great at painting a colorful picture explaining how it works regarding the difference between the conscious and the sub-conscious mind. Within four short weeks I can easily say my marriage has began to sprout with new life again as my wife & I have rekindled that physical and emotional connection once again! I would highly recommend this to anyone to look outside of traditional ways of therapy and take a leap in what the sub-conscious mind can do for you.

Fairport, NY - Aug 1, 2016

The experience has been very very good. Jason adds a lot more to the sessions in terms of explaining what you are struggling with and how to better apply the suggestions. I'm in much better shape than I was 3 weeks ago and with continued use of the recordings I'm encouraged that I can achieve my goals. I would suggest this to anyone looking to make a positive change in their life.

Syracuse, NY - Jul 27, 2016

I never considered hypnosis before. Upon my doctors recommendation, even though I was hesitant, I felt it would be worth a shot. I'm very pleased that I did. After going through a number of sessions, it was completely worth it. I followed Dave's instructions to listen to the recorded sessions daily and that made all the difference for me. I now believe in the power of hypnosis because it has worked.

Rochester, NY - Jul 18, 2016

I came to Jason with a longtime fear of needles and blood that led me to frequently faint during doctor visits. As a college student pursuing my dream of becoming a pediatric nurse, I decided to try hypnosis to overcome my fears. I was hopeful coming into this process that this would work and I have seen drastic improvement since I began my sessions with Jason. I am now extremely confident in my ability to overcome my fear and not let these old fears keep me from pursuing my dream career as a nurse. It feels great to see my future ahead of me without these fears of blood and needles being a part of it any longer.

Victor, NY - Jul 10, 2016

Hi Jason! Just wanted to let you know that I was able to fly to Europe and back WITHOUT DRUGS! Thank you so very much for helping me to address my fears and to learn coping techniques to help me to make this trip. Even with all of the terrorist alerts and concerns over in Europe, I was able to get on the planes without freaking out and fly without drugs. We were blessed to have very little turbulence (and no hurricanes) on all of our flights, but I remembered to focus on my breathing and relaxation skills when we had some bumps. It also helped to have a drink on my tray table so that when the bumps did hit - I was able to focus on the liquid in the glass to see that it wasn’t moving very much at all. It has been 16 years since I made that trip across the Atlantic – planes have really changed quite a bit, and the in-seat movies also helped me to stay calm and distracted. We had an amazing time! My son has already put his order in to play golf in Scotland for his 16th birthday in 2018, and I will be ready to take him. Smile Thanks again for all of your help to get me over my panic towards flying!

rochester, NY - Jul 7, 2016

i came to RH to give up smoking after 40 + years do to heath problems. this has been the best thing i could ever have done for my self. i will tell other how aswoume this has been

Greece, NY - Jun 23, 2016

After smoking for 46 years I now have the confidence to stop. Hypnosis has given mw both the confidence to stop smoking and taught me how to deeply relax. I am sure my life will be improved from this this.

Rochester, NY - Jun 20, 2016

I came in with a fear of needles and being uncomfortable in social situations. After 6 sessions I have made great changes with both of them. I went from not being able to even look at needles without getting scared to being a lot more calm around them. I also feel confident and I am more social in social situations now.

penfield, NY - Jun 16, 2016

I came in to stop smoking, I tried a lot of different methods, hypnosis was a great way to help with my stress and to stop smoking. I will refer people to hypnosis who want to stop smoking.

Rochester, NY - Jun 7, 2016

I came to ROC Hypnosis to seek treatment for my anxiety/panic disorder (and resulting depression from dealing with these issues). After seeing multiple counselors and becoming frustrated with my lack of improvement, I was determined to find another solution. I wasn't ready to "give in" to medication to treat my anxiety. I was hopeful that hypnosis would provide me with a long-term, side-effect free solution to my problems. I am happy to say that hypnosis has restored my self-confidence and has helped me overcome my anxiety with little effort on my part. Hypnosis is easy, relaxing, and if you make the time for it, it really works! Jason was very kind and professional. He was the first professional to truly understand and relate to my struggles. I am so grateful to Jason for all his help in getting me back on the right track. I would absolutely recommend his Anxiety and Depression Program to future clients! Thanks ROC Hypnosis!

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