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* Individual Results May Vary

* Individual Results May Vary

Sommerville, NY - May 16, 2016

I came here to see if hypnosis would really work for weight loss. During the four weeks together, I've gained faith in the process, and am very pleased in what I've achieved: Weight loss, proper eating habits, better stress management, a positive mindset and getting myself to do more simple exercise. I'd highly suggest trying this for weight loss if you have an open mind.

Farmington, NY - Apr 27, 2016

Jason, was GREAT! I came here with my husband to QUIT SMOKING. I was successful, after 40+ years of smoking. I would HIGHLY RECOMEND hypnosis with Jason!

Shortsville, NY - Apr 27, 2016

I came to Jason to quit smoking. None of the other methods available have worked in the past. I Smoked ~30 cigarettes per day. After 1st session: Reduced cigarettes to 10. After 2nd session: Reduced cigarettes to 8, smoking half way. After 3rd session: Still 8 cigarettes, but only a few puffs. Final session: Feel very confident , I will be smoke free. Jason is a very skilled, professional and knows his craft well. I would strongly recommend Jason to family and friends.

Rochester, NY - Apr 24, 2016

Smoking Cessation: I like that David personalized the sessions to me. He asked questions about my triggers and listened to my input. He was willing to tweak things so that they were more effective. I'm still working on it, but I am confident that I will be smoke-free.

Kenmore, NY - Apr 18, 2016
I was very skeptical about doing hypnosis. I has helped with some of my issues. I suffer from conversion disorder and my brain function is different from day to day. Listening to the recording did help to reduce my stress level and retrain my brain. It does take a while. With this disorder its a new beginning every day but at least there are methods to help. Thank you Jason for helping me!!
Victor, NY - Apr 7, 2016

For the past 20 years I have been an extremely fearful flyer, and have tried numerous remedies to help me to overcome my fear while flying - drugs, alcohol, fearful flyer class, amongst others - and nothing seemed to totally work. For my daughter's 16th birthday, I promised to take her to Europe - just the thought of booking the trip was sending me into panic attacks. I was at my wits end, and decided to try hypnosis. Jason was AMAZING in helping me to develop a calmer attitude about flying. After my 3rd session, I noticed a difference in my outlook towards the trip. I am now approaching my flight with a much calmer attitude, and the fear that I came in with seems to have vanished. Thank you Jason for putting me back in control of my thoughts, and for helping me to make the trip with my family this summer! I am now looking forward to flying....

Rochester, NY - Apr 4, 2016

From the time I walked in to my first session to the time I walked out of my last session, I was completely transformed! It's amazing what power hypnosis has on you! I was very confident that this would work for me!

Henrietta, NY - Mar 13, 2016

I went to ROC Hypnosis for help with my E.D. Jennifer helped me get back in the saddle!

Kenmore, NY - Mar 3, 2016

I've actually seen two different shows and enjoyed both. One show was at a Comedy club in Rochester and it was hilarious. Jason had a packed audience and so there were many volunteers. One woman who was under kept talking about Aliens and how they were coming. I was laughing so hard. The other show was a New Year's eve event. It was definitely a fun and unique experience to ring in the New Year.

Rochester, NY - Feb 24, 2016

I came to see Jason for a fear of flying/turbulence. I was very skeptical at first about trying hypnosis but after my first meeting and Jason explaining what hypnosis is and is not I felt much more comfortable with the idea and science behind it. Over our 4 sessions I found Jason to be very professional and competent and I found that the sessions and recordings really helped me calm myself in general as well as in regards to flying. I'm going on a flight in a few days and feel very confident that it will be a much better experience than in the past. I would highly recommend this service over traditional talk therapy and have found it much more helpful.

Rochester, NY - Feb 15, 2016

I came to be here through research and the desire to quit smoking. I am a medical professional myself and I was very surprised that the physicians I mentioned this to were very supportive and all for this therapy. The relaxation and good feelings you are left with make you feel confident and relaxed, positive. I have suggested this to several friends for other services just because the experience was so positive! I feel confident that I am now a non smoker and have learned new techniques for dealing with stress and anxiety as well.

Webster, NY - Feb 10, 2016

I would definitely recommend RocHypnosis to others. Doing hypnosis and listening to the audio at home has helped me to feel more confident and less anxious in every area of my life. Having the audio recordings helps me to feel more confident-knowing that I can reinforce what I learned over and over again at home. I have definitely noticed a difference personally and professionally.

Rochester, NY - Feb 9, 2016
Hi Donna, It didn't happen over night, but I haven't smoked in two weeks. I feel great and I'm proud of the way I'm approaching all the challenges in my life. I'm actually glad I had a problem. I feel it has made me well rounded and empathetic to a lot of different issues. I can foresee a very rich and rewarding life ahead me. I would be surprised if I smoke again but I don't really care if I do and I'm positive it will never be a problem again. Thank you very much. I definitely needed a hand getting out of the hole. I hope you are able to continue helping people as that is a great gift to have.
Rochester, NY - Feb 5, 2016

I came to Roc Hypnosis after 2 years of talk therapy. I was struggling with a confidence issue, depression, anxiety, job change, new city and coming off an emotionally bad relationship. In the 12 weeks I have become a new person, I smile now, I feel happy and excited. I can get out of bed now and am eager to move forward to the future. If you are struggling I suggest you give this a try. The tools I have received have change my perspective which is what I was looking for.

Rochester, NY - Jan 25, 2016

I came to ROC Hypnosis to treat symptoms of OCD and for having a fear of intimacy. It was not exactly like I thought it would be, but it has been very helpful to me because I have noticed that I have been living my life in much more positive and healthier ways. I would definitely recommend this to my family and friends.

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