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* Individual Results May Vary

* Individual Results May Vary

Brockport, NY - Feb 21, 2017

It was Excellent! I appreciate your dedication & sincere concern of helping me quit smoking. Thanks. I feel better already.

Rochester, NY - Jan 27, 2017

I came to Jason at ROC Hypnosis because I am 50 and always had aversions to many types of foods - most vegetables, all fish, all cheese, anything I didn't know the taste or texture of... the thought of even trying something new would put a lump in my throat. After my first session, I tried kidney beans and each session after had me trying more new things and no longer gagging as I swallowed! I am more confident about trying new foods now and actually feel like I could try just about anything at this point. I am excited to finally have an "adult palate" and not the eating style of a 4-year old. Thank you Jason!

Rochester, NY - Jan 25, 2017

Came in for weight loss. I am pleased with the ability to listen at home. The sessions (3) were very relaxing- almost like an hour at the spa! I believe with the help of the recordings I will be able to continue down the right path.

Rochester, NY - Jan 20, 2017

I had already experienced hypnosis in the past, but I have to admit that my experience at ROC Hypnosis a higher level. I came to fix a problem with sleep terrors, and after several sessions I can tell that my sleep terrors have diminished. I recommend working with David Huffman and ROC Hypnosis.

PennYan, NY - Jan 5, 2017

Previously I had used hypnosis to stop smoking, so I know that it works. Jason gave me positive feedback and directions on how to change my behaviors. I have become a stronger, better father and person due to the time spent with Jason He has been a huge help to me.

Hamlin, NY - Jan 2, 2017

Before I began hypnosis, I was very skeptical about the whole thing. But, here I am on my last session; I no longer wear a mask, I can now be around people and be comfortable, I can take control of my thoughts, I can use the tools I learned to successfully reduce my anxiety. I hardly do any of the tons of compulsions that I use to do. I am able to eat food that I or other people have touched. I don't have nearly enough writing space to list everything hypnosis has helped me overcome. But, all in all, hypnosis has helped me realize that I CAN kick OCD's butt!

Rochester, NY - Dec 23, 2016

Before I came to ROC Hypnosis I was having issues sexually with my girlfriend that I haven't had in the past. I heard fro a friend and research that hypnosis could help me overcome this issue. Over the course of 6-sessions Jason helped boost my confidence, increase my trust within my relationship,, and get rid of any sexual issues I was having. My experience here was great and I am very thankful for your help.

Rochester, NY - Dec 19, 2016

These sessions have definitely helped me out with my problems of procrastination and my obsession with video games. Over the past 6-weeks I've noticed myself being more proactive and more attentive to my studies.

Penfield, NY - Dec 14, 2016

Prior to my sessions I had the Hollywood perception of hypnosis, and that has drastically changed. My sessions have allowed me to break a near 38-year habit of habitually biting and picking my nails. This is a habit I've tried to break on my own numerous times and failed. I've learned that the habit goes beyond anything I am capable of dealing/breaking on my own. I discovered the root cause of this habit and feel confident that it is now a thing of the past.

Macedon, NY - Dec 13, 2016

I came to Jason for a problem with my bowling mechanics, having been unable to correct this through sheer will power. After one session, I saw results immediately. My bowling ball stayed on the alley. After the second session I bowled one of my best games ever! The 3rd visit increased my self confidence and ability. If you are a sportsman with a problem, I highly recommend ROC Hypnosis and Jason.

Rochester, NY - Dec 12, 2016

This was a positive experience! I feel that my ability to better relax creates better control over smoking. I have successfully stopped after learning the ability to relax and focus on what really is important to me.

Rochester, NY - Dec 5, 2016

I came here to overcome performance anxiety while playing violin. It has definitely changed me, my thinking, and attitude about performing and I would recommend this to anyone who struggles with the same thing.

Penfield, NY - Dec 1, 2016

I came here to conquer my severe anxiety and depression. While I have been here, my anxiety has reduced significantly. The work was easy and relaxing, and made me able to use new strategies to help myself. I would strongly recommend ROC Hypnosis to people in a similar position. The treatment is custom-made to fit you, so you are able to get the most out of it.

Honeoye Falls, NY - Dec 1, 2016

The presentation was outstanding. Jason connected with the students with material that is very complex. He was able to relate the information to the students in a fun and exciting manner. The students are still talking about their experience. Thank you so much and we are hoping you will be willing to come back next year!!!

-, NY - Nov 30, 2016

I came to ROC Hypnosis desiring to gain control of anxiety around my physical complaint of frequent urination which I felt was potentially related to my mind consciously thinking and making the problem worse. After just one session, I saw benefits, and by the third session I was amazed at how effective this was. Dave was wonderful, listening to my concerns, developing a program that seemed tailor made for me. Each session brought me relaxation comfort and the audios that I listened to at home reinforced my results. This was an awesome experience.

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