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* Individual Results May Vary

* Individual Results May Vary

J Rochester, NY - Sep 6, 2023

Jason helped me so much with building back up my confidence and self esteem. Setting boundaries and goals towards working out life’s challenges and relationship goals; and doing what I need to over come barriers, obstacles, road blocks or excuses I’m making towards getting better on a daily basis.

Andrea Hornell, NY - Aug 25, 2023

I sought the services of ROC Hypnosis to help with weight loss. I have struggled with my weight most of my life and wanted to do something other than the fad diets I have tried in the past. I was happy to have the option to have my sessions either in person or via telehealth, as I am an hour away from the office. Since starting the program I have made positive changes that are getting me closer and closer to my goal of my ideal body, slowly but in a healthy way. I am looking forward to the self confidence this will bring me going forward. I would recommend ROC Hypnosis for anyone who wishes to make a change in their life that will help them live happier lives.

Gary Fairport, NY - Jul 20, 2023

I came to ROC Hypnosis as a last chance to quit my dependency to nicotine and smoking. I found my sessions, calming, relaxing, and nearly stress-free. The sessions and the recordings of them provided me a successful smoke-free process. Although I didn’t follow my program one hundred percent of the time, it did allow me to RECenter, myself, when urges arose. The urge to smoke seems to be gone, or nearly gone. Having these audios of my sessions for future use, as a welcome aid that I can comfortably turn to for use. I will certainly recommend this process with ROC Hypnosis with others, and gladly share my success.

Ashley kendall Rochester, NY - Jul 12, 2023

Jason is absolutely amazing! Uses multiple techniques to tailor to each person. I was a victim of a deadly assault and with this support, techniques, and dedication I have made tremendous progress!

Suzette and Jeff Rochester, NY - Jul 7, 2023

My husband and i came to ROC Hypnosis to quit smoking. With health issue and the increase of cost, we came to the conclusion to quit. Both of us were skeptical, but..., we are both on day 14 smoke-free and going strong! Some days, hours and minutes are a little harder than others, but with the tools we were given we are doing it and will continue to do so!

Rick Gawer Ontario, NY - Jul 6, 2023

I came to become a non-smoker. I liked the experience. It was very nice. I am now a successful non-smoker! I can be more comfortable now. I would definitely recommend ROC Hypnosis other people. I had a very nice experience.

April Rochester, NY - Jun 26, 2023

I came to ROC Hypnosis for help with weight loss and to quit vaping. From the start, Jason made me feel comfortable and informed about the process and what to expect with each and every session. Through his guidance, I was given the tools to help my self become the person I wish to be. I am no longer vaping, and the weight is steadily coming off. I am certain that I will have continued success by using the tools and audios that were provided to me. I highly recommend ROC Hypnosis!

Celeste Foster Fairport, NY - Jun 22, 2023

My 8-year old son had a traumatic vomiting episode in public. This changed his eating habit, and he started to have anxiety about eating at school or anywhere in public. I am a previous client myself who sought out hypnosis help from Jason. I emailed him asking for help. Doctors wanted to put my son on anxiety medications, and I was not comfortable with that. Hypnosis gave my son tools and skills to use, and after the first week I started to see the improvements. He was able to comfortably eat in the lunch room at school again. With each session, things got better and better for him. He's now able to eat out while surrounded by others and food. His confidence that he could do it now was refreshing. I am so proud and happy for my son. He is happy once again!

Hayden Rochester, NY - Jun 19, 2023

I sought assistance from ROC Hypnosis for sports enhancement. I had some mental blocks I needed to push through. My experience was amazing! My coordination changed and improved. I was more focused on my event/ sport/ pole vaulting. Before, I see that i was tense and not in the zone. I am now calm whenever I approach the runway, and more ready to attack the pole vault pit. These changes will continue driving me higher and becoming better going forward, getting higher so to speak. I would recommend ROC Hypnosis to others. It's a way of gaining or regaining a sense of calmness and relaxation to bring forth an intense amount of focus.

Val Westcott Rochester, NY - Jun 15, 2023

I've been having problems with my breathing, in which I couldn't stop focusing on it and not doing it correctly. Jason is very knowledgible and helped me out with some great tools. It's seeming to improve more and more each day. It was happening whenever I would sit down to watch tv. I will continue to use the tools that were given to me and continue to improve. I would definitely recommend Jason to others. I always felt better whenever I left from my sessions.

James and Barbara Rochester, NY - Jun 13, 2023

Came to quit smoking. I feel better after I stopped. I can breathe better. I can now do a lot of things I couldn't do smoking. I thought that I couldn't stop, but I did.

Anonymous Rochester, NY - Jun 9, 2023

I sought out Roc Hypnosis to help regain healthier habits that had slowly been put on the back burner over the years to focus on my career and family. I feel like I had tried everything to lose weight, but knew consistency and stress was an issue, particularly since COVID. Roc hypnosis has helped with taming the high stressors of a busy working mom, provided good tools to regain a balanced routine and a healthier vision of food choices. I would recommend Roc hypnosis to others struggling to get back on track and keep consistent in their efforts.

Elizabeth Colombo Rochester, NY - Jun 8, 2023

Tracy was very patient and kind with my plethora of issues. I looked forward to come back and targeting a new goal each session. I am sad our time together is over, but I will use the session recordings to continue getting thru. I highly recommend the services of ROC Hypnosis. I have discovered a new side of myself to help ease my anxiety and worries.

Liana Rochy, NY - May 27, 2023

I had wonderful experience with Jason. Thank you

NA Rochester, NY - May 22, 2023

I reached out to ROC Hypnosis for an addiction that I had been dealing with for 5-years, as I was ready for a major change in my life. I was shocked by how quickly I was starting to see change after the first session, such as more confidence, less urges, and more self-control. Going forward now, I finally feel that I regained part of my life back again. I feel that if I find myself falling back into the same old pattern, I can now successfully use the techniques I was taught to remain in-control. I would highly recommend you seek out ROC Hypnosis if you want to reclaim control of your life again.

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