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* Individual Results May Vary

* Individual Results May Vary

Rochester, NY - May 19, 2017

After finishing the program with Jason, I was able to continue my new formed healthy habits. It has been a year and a half since finishing and I have lost over 70 pounds, and 12 sizes. I am so much more energetic and I finally feel comfortable in my skin!!!

Fairport, NY - May 17, 2017

I've lost weight with hypnosis before, but that was working with a large company and a canned program. Jason does so much to personalize each session so that it specifically meets my needs! Working with him I've gained a better understanding of my nutritional needs and the way sugar factors into weight management. He's always professional, but friendly and personable, too. I know hypnosis works; i've seen the results before and I'm seeing them now. The key is to follow through and listen to your recordings daily. I plan to continue coming to ROC Hypnosis occasionally to be sure I stay on track. Thank you Jason!

Spencerport, NY - May 10, 2017

My main goal for coming to hypnosis was to try and train my mind to make better choices about food and the reasons that I over due it. I wanted to make better choices and become healthier. I feel that this experience has put me on the road to a new healthier path where I can succeed and achieve my goals.

Rochester, NY - May 10, 2017

I wasn't sure if hypnosis was the right move for me. I had quit smoking so many times before. But I wanted it to be forever this time. I knew two people who had used hypnosis in the past to quit smoking, and it worked well for them. So, I gave it a try. I am so glad I did! I'm very happy to say that I've not had a cigarette since my first session and I have ZERO desire to have one again. EVER!

Rochester, NY - May 8, 2017

I came to ROC Hypnosis to get help with sleeping. I fond out I have been talking and active in my sleep, with no recollection of it. I've not had this happen since my first few sessions, and I feel that I sleep better and have no worries about being a sound sleeper in the future.

Perry, NY - May 8, 2017

If I did not quit, I would not see my next birthday. I feel better, stronger and have a clear mind. I want to do more now; walk, & go places, when in the past I would have stayed home and smoked or wanted to be with smokers. Now I just feel I can do things on my own and smoking does not have to part of it! Than God for Patty.

Gananda, NY - May 5, 2017

I came in to finally be smoke-free forever. With a combination of hypnosis and a book called Easy Way I now feel 100% confident I will remain smoke-free. I am sleeping better, more relaxed and have never had mood swings or cravings of food. Allow yourself to really be open minded to the process and I believe this can work for anyone.

Spencerport, NY - May 5, 2017

Came to quit smoking. It was very relaxful and I will have the tools to quit! David was very helpful in helping me achieve my goal.

Mendon, NY - May 1, 2017

I came here because I knew I needed to make major changes in my diet and I needed some assistance to do this. I had tried and failed many times to get the sugar and junk food out of my life. I decided to do a sugar detox program called Restart, and I started the hypnotherapy about 4 weeks before beginning the program so that I would go into it with the right mindset and some tools to help me succeed. This was definitely the extra boost I needed to be successful! Whereas in the past I found the cravings for carbs and sugars almost intolerable, this time they weren't even present. I had great success in the program and feel confident that I can continue successfully on this path with the help of the hypnosis recordings.

Rochester, NY - May 1, 2017

I found that I can face everyday stresses easier and put all those "little things" into perspective and see them for what they are. Stepping back and "out of the picture" & seeing things from the other side is relaxing.

Spencerport, NY - Apr 29, 2017

Hi, Just updating you on my progress during the Myrtle Beach trip! It ended up being about 15 hours in the car each way and aside from alittle carsickness, I was able to handle it really well. During the vacation, there was a day when I began to get the really intense pain that used to get me in the hospital, but I was able to relax, stay calm about it, and help it fade away. That was the first time that I've gotten that pain and have been able to get it under control (and eventually gone) by myself without doctors and medicine! A few days later, I started to feel the pain coming on again, but I was so confident in my ability to control it that it seemed insignificant and completely vanished within just a few minutes! It was a really great feeling to know that I am capable of handling that, because feeling that pain has been my greatest fear since the last time it occurred. It's so easy for me to accept that it cannot take over my body anymore. I feel a lot better about going on my school trip to Costa Rica in the summer because I now know that I am capable of keeping my body pain and nausea free! That was one of my main goals when I began hypnosis. I also haven't missed school in five weeks and I am all caught up! Thank you so much for helping me feel normal again. It is a huge relief because I felt that I had run out of options. I will continue listening to my audios and forgetting about this problem that used to control my life. Thank you so much!

Macedon, NY - Apr 28, 2017

I came to Jason because of relationship issues and self confidence issues. Through our sessions and consistent practice I've developed a better feeling of who I am and my path I will take to living for me. I've come so far in knowing how to deal with myself and my feelings and, better yet, my worth! I highly recommend the services to anyone that has relationship issues or lack of confidence! Thank you Jason for sending me on a path for happier future.

Penfield, NY - Apr 13, 2017

I came to Jason for weight loss and to help change my emotional eating. Usually I give into my excuses and don't hold myself accountable for what I put into my body. Jason has taught me many things in such a short period of time such as; portion control, exercise, to become satisfied with health food decisions, and to balance my fast paced lifestyle. I would definitely recommend Jason to someone who is looking to change their eating habits and to be open to new healthier habits.

Rochester, NY - Apr 13, 2017

For over a year, I dealt with unexplained stomach pain and nausea. I had tried every possible medicine, tests, etc., with no solution. Hypnosis turned out to be the only thing able to break my mind and body out of this cycle. It was a great experience and I noticed amazing results right from the first session. I am now back to doing everyday activities that I had not been able to enjoy due to this condition and it feels amazing!

Rochester, NY - Apr 13, 2017

My daughter had 6-sessions with Jason after going through a year of unexplained abdominal pain and GI issues for which they could not medically find a cause. She initially started with appendicitis & had an appendectomy from which we discovered she had developed psychosomatic symptoms. We didn't know what to expect from hypnosis, but after our consultation with Jason, she felt comfortable and willing to try it. We saw improvements after the first session and every session thereafter. She's now back in school full time & participating in her regular activities. It has been a great experience!

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