A young woman wearing a gray hoodie has her arms crossed on a railing and looks stressed.

Stress and anxiety get the best of us. And if not treated properly, it could take its toll on our health. 40 million adults suffer from some form of anxiety. Among the many treatment options for stress and anxiety, hypnotherapy in Rochester, NY is growing in popularity. If you're one of the many adults who struggle with anxiety and stress, hypnosis may be for you. 

Stress Factor

In a nutshell, stress is your body’s defense in response to what’s going on in and around you. This ‘stress’ can be anything from physical to emotional, and differs from person to person. When stress is out of control, a person may plummet into depression or develop some form of anxiety. This is when help is needed to maintain the stress and gain back the confidence and ability to cope with changes. 

Your Brain on Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are two different factors, although chronic stress can lead to an anxiety disorder. While you can usually identify stressful situations, with anxiety it is not as simple. Anxiety symptoms include the feeling of dread or fear without having a real reason. Once your brain is accustomed to feeling anxious or stressed, it will constantly kick hormones (cortisol and adrenaline) into gear, which pays a hefty toll on your brain in the long run. 

Anxiety and Hypnosis

Much like hypnosis’ role in ones diet, it has proven to be effective in stress management. During your hypnosis session, you may be encouraged to restore memories linked to pain or trauma. You may even feel encouraged to lead a healthier lifestyle. More often than not, hypnosis in Rochester, NY has lead to healthier cognitive function. How can hypnosis work for your anxiety? Let’s take a look at some facts:

  • The physical pain or struggle can be soothed and alleviated through guided affirmations and relaxation techniques.

  • Qualified hypnotists will encourage breathing techniques that calm the brain and thoughts. 

  • People who participated in a hypnosis study felt greater emotional and physical control, less self-consciousness, and were more focused on the present.

  • Hypnosis stimulates relaxation in the brain by bringing awareness to the individual's body and movements. It also reroutes the brain's ability to switch quickly to fear and anxiousness by simple statements focusing on the positives within their surroundings. 

In short, hypnosis has proven to benefit those with anxiety disorder. Every individual has his or her own fear and phobia, but it shouldn’t negatively impact their daily lives. 

If you are struggling with anxiety and stress management issues in Rochester, NY hypnosis can help you regain control of your life. Contact ROC Hypnosis to schedule your first appointment and begin your lifestyle change today. These are just a few of the numerous benefits of hypnosis.  At your consultation, your certified hypnotist will determine what is right for your specific situation and customize a plan to suit your needs.