With March officially being National Nutrition Month, what better time to address the issues that often prevent us from looking and feeling our best in the warmer, more active season that awaits us around the corner.

Nutrition, sadly enough, is a huge topic that is controversial now days, especially in the Unit States of America, as obesity rates and weight related diseases run high.  Unfortunately with a broken system of nutrition education & the power of the mighty dollar trumping over the importance of good health, many Americans are misinformed or straight up ill knowledged when it comes to healthy nutrition and facts dealing with foods & food production today.  It is estimated that 1/3 of the adult & child population in the USA are obese.

Hypnosis Weight HelpOne factor that rarely is ever addressed is the emotional connections & behaviors made with less healthy foods and junk foods.  This is a huge factor too often neglected in ones efforts to regain control of proper nutrition, healthy food choices, & lifestyle improvements. Hence the cyclic affects of yo-yo fad dieting, broken resolutions, abandoned gym memberships, and increased waste lines.

Merely eating less, exercising more, and making healthier choices often aren't enough. Conscious minded efforts and willpower are in conflict with the subconscious emotional needs, and the battle of the bulge continues to grow.

Fortunately, there's a sound, logical & fairly easy equation to beating the bulge, creating sound health, and reducing disease and illness.  The equation is:  healthy nutrition + healthy mental programming + regular exercise = optimum health & wellness. These are arranged in order of presidence from most important to least. When these factors are aligned for roughly 30-days, they become a habit, increasing the longevity and success, without relying on willpower or luck.

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