Is Hypnosis Right for Me?

Like any alternative health therapy, it is important to gain a more thorough understanding of the purpose, process, and fundamental tactics of hypnosis. At Rochester Hypnosis, we do everything we can to make our guests feel comfortable, confident and in control, throughout each phase of the hypnotism process. This is accomplished by...

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    Getting to know each client on a personal level, to better understand the nature and impending causes of their concerns.
  • Providing HIPPA-Compliant video sessions, where you are free to speak openly with the understanding that confidence is guaranteed.
  • Helping you truly understand what it means to be under hypnosis, the process, and how it can help you overcome fears and make lasting improvements.
  • Answering any questions you have, whether it has to do with our staff, our clinical hypnotists, or any other concerns.
  • Offering ongoing support, to ensure that you continue to improve while addressing any repressed or underlying issues.

If there's something you have been struggling with, and have tried everything else with little to no success, we invite you to learn more about us. Please call to schedule an online appointment.

What are the main differences between hypno and psycho analysis?

Whereas psychoanalysis seeks to better explain complex patterns of behavior, hypno-analysis digs deeper; to uncover and address the root causes of an individuals issues. Psychoanalysis generally takes place over extended periods of time, to decipher matters of the unconscious mind. In contrast, hypno analysis is an equally-targeted type of therapy, designed to bring results and improvements at a much faster pace.

Will hypnosis work even if can't recall specific past memories?

In most cases, yes. That's one of the true goals of clinical hypnosis; by using a carefully-controlled mix of focus, relaxation and guided visualization, hypnosis can serve as the tool which allows you to recall memories that have been forgotten or repressed. Ultimately, this is what allows a skilled hypnotherapist to assist you in dealing with them in a more efficient and manageable way.

Will I be completely "under" once hypnotized?

This is without a doubt the most common concern among those considering hypnosis therapy. Don't worry, you have nothing to fear. Though deeply relaxed (a state of relaxation most have never experienced), you will be fully aware of everything being said and taking place during your session. You won't be made to think you're Elvis, stand on one leg, or reveal personal secrets. It's a very controlled setting, and one that we're sure you'll find to be extremely comfortable.

Will I be able to remember what happened during my session?

This really depends on how deep you allow yourself to go. It really depends on each person, though we've found that most people have a good memory of their session. For your added peace of mind, you can videotape or record your session.

How Can I Know That I Will Wake Up?

Hypnosis does not put you into a state of sleep, and you're never actually "out." Instead, the session is gradually brought to an end by shifting your mindset from one of deep relaxation, to one of clear focus.

Does Hypnosis have any side effects?

Some users report dreaming about the subject of their session, however the only side effects appear to be positive ones. In fact, the sheer lack of side effects is what has made clinical hypnotism such a popular alternative therapy.

What does being hypnotized feel like?

The most commonly reported feelings involve floating, as well as feelings of great security. The one constant is that most users report that being hypnotized is a highly pleasant and comforting experience. Rarely do we ever completely forget about all of our day to day stresses. Hypnosis is the one time when they all seem insignificant, even if temporarily.

Is it possible to hypnotize someone against their will?

Absolutely not. Despite what is commonly depicted in the movies, you can't just place someone in a trance. Instead, hypnosis works by allowing two people to communicate on a lever that would be otherwise cognitively impossible. The key point being that it takes two substitute one addiction for another. Your therapist should have the skills to recognize if this is the case and deal with the issue at its core.

What if I can't be hypnotized?

This is another common concern that, like others, stems from a misconception of what hypnosis truly aims to achieve. Again, the goal is not to send you into a neurological trance. Our hypnotherapists goal is to help you find a deep state of relaxation; one allowing you to deal with whatever is troubling you.

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