Despite all the advances in modern medicine, there seems to be a growing trend among even the most respected doctors and physicians: hypnosis therapy.  There are a wide range of reasons for this, and a wealth of studies supporting its success rate. 

Here are a few points to keep in mind, when considering hypnosis in Rochester.

Hypnosis is Safe

One could argue that most medical procedures come with some risk or significant life changes.  Whether we're talking about the risk of complications during surgery, the side effects that accompany virtually every prescription drug, or the drastic lifestyle changes that go hand in hand with most self-help programs, it seems that bettering one's self always comes with a hefty cost.  Not so much, with hypnosis however. Hypnosis is non-surgical, requires no major lifestyle adjustments, and does not involve taking risky medications.  

Hypnosis is Affordable

We have all, at some point, suffered from the sticker shock that comes from receiving a large medical bill.  Amazingly, after all these years, it seems that medicine is the one thing we pay for, without ever knowing what we're truly paying for.  This is not the case with hypnosis.  At Rochester Hypnosis, we go out of our way to make sure that patients know exactly what they're getting, and how much it will cost.  And as many will agree, hypnosis is far less expensive than surgery, drugs, or other common procedures. 

Controlled Environment

We all know that unnerving feeling that comes from waiting in a doctor's exam room.  There's fear, confusion, and the overwhelming feeling if uncertainty.  With hypnosis, everything is one on one.  We are with you from the moment you enter, and work closely to make sure that you are completely comfortable throughout the entire process.  For those who feel that traditional medical therapies have failed them, many physicians suggest hypnosis, to more effectively address the root causes of a person's struggle.  

Hypnosis Offers Long-Lasting Results

By addressing issues at their most fundamental level, hypnosis is one of the few therapies that truly helps people take charge of their life.  Drugs and medications may offer temporary satisfaction, but at the core, the problem will still exist.  Rather than simply masking the troubles with chemicals, hypnosis taps into the person's subconscious, to help permanently address any underlying issues which prevent them from living life to its fullest.