September may be National Childhood Obesity Awareness month, but this is an issue which requires so much more than just 30 days' worth of attention, once per year.  Childhood obesity is increasing at epidemic rates, and has an incredibly detrimental effect on physical health, mental wellbeing and normal development.  The need to educate today's youth on the dangers of obesity has never been greater.

Here are some concerning statistics on the subject of obesity in children and adolescents:

  • The number of obese children and teens has quadrupled over the past three decades
  • An estimated 18-20% of children under age 12 are now clinically obese
  • Approximately 21% of teens aged 12-19 are clinically obese
  • 70% of obese children now have at least one risk factor associated with the onset of cardiovascular disease
  • Obese kids are more likely to develop bone and joint problems, and at a much a higher risk for diabetes
  • The risk of developing cancer later in life has been shown greater in children who are obese

Using Clinical Hypnosis for Childhood Obesity

Child ObesityOngoing research continues to help us better understand the root causes of obesity, in both adults as well as those under the age of 18.Children who are suffering with eating issues and disorders have been shown to respond favorably to hypnosis for weight loss.Hypnosis is a safe, controlled and completely non-invasive way to address the underlying factors which contribute to overeating.

If you're growing more concerned about your child or teenager's weight gain, and how it is affecting their health, self-esteem or appearance, ROC hypnosis would like to help.We remain one of the most popular and successful centers for hypnosis in Rochester NY, and have special programs developed exclusively for children and teens.Call us today to learn more or schedule an appointment at 800-550-1424.


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