Sitting down at a table with the paper/card in front of you, the thread is held between your thumb and forefinger so that the pendulum weight (paper clip or ring) hangs straight down, an inch or two above the centre of the cross pattern.

While holding the pendulum as still as possible, the subject is to try to IMAGINE how it would feel if the pendulum started to swing left to right, A to B. After some 10 seconds to 1 minute of imagining, the pendulum actually starts swinging, at first with small swings and then growing wider. Then the subject is asked to try to IMAGINE the pendulum swinging top to bottom, C to D. Once again the pendulum reads your mind and starts swinging the way you imagined. Lastly, the subject is asked to try to IMAGINE the pendulum swinging round and round in a circular motion, either clock-wise or counter clock-wise, in which the pendulum then starts to rotate in a circular direction.