Where so many other smoking cessation programs fail, hypnosis enjoys one of the most impressive success rates to date.  The truth is, quitting smoking can be achieved when properly addressed in a comfortable setting, by experienced professionals who genuinely care for the outcome of those they serve.  At Rochester Hypnosis, we utilize proven techniques that can help you kick the habit, regardless of your age, gender, or how long you've been smoking.

Mike D Bristol, NY - Oct 5, 2016

Five Star Review 5/5

I had a great experience! I needed to quit smoking and ROC gave me added strength I needed! I have been 7 days and done for good! Thanks Dave for helping me start my new life without smoking!

Stop smoking using hypnosisUsing Hypnosis to Quit Smoking Has Its Perks…

  • Highly Effective Way to Quit Smoking
  • Clients Report More Manageable Transition
  • Less Intense Withdrawal Symptoms
  • Improved Chances of Long Term Success
  • Affordable on Most Budgets
  • Freedom from Nicotine Gum and Patches
* Individual Results May Vary


* Individual Results May Vary

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When You're Ready to Quit, We're Ready to Help

If you're anything like others in Rochester, this is not your first attempt at giving up smoking for good.  Some of the most popular methods for kicking the habit include, nicotine gum, going cold-turkey, nicotine patches, step-down approach, medications, and many others.  But nicotine addiction, like all chemical and physiological addictions, is an addiction of the mind, just as much as it is of the body. 

While various conventional smoking cessation programs may work for some people, most individuals need to confront the cognitive and neurological hold that cigarettes have over them.  This is where hypnosis earns its reputation, as one of the best ways to permanently overcome nicotine addiction.  And here at Rochester Hypnosis, we're known best for our high success rate of helping people forever free themselves from their dependence of nicotine.              

When you've made the decision to stop smoking and are looking for a proven approach, we invite you to learn more about how we can help.  Call when it's convenient to set up an appointment.

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