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* Individual Results May Vary

* Individual Results May Vary

MaryAnn Hussar Rochester, NY - Nov 3, 2017

I’ve been coming to RH and have been a client of David Huffman for about eight weeks. When I just came in it was with the goal of losing weight. Although I have lost weight during my time with David, I have “gained “ a far. More valuable take on what it means to lose old habits, beliefs and behaviors in order to obtain the right state of mind to be successful in all areas of my life. Weight was the symptom and we address not only that element but we address the deep rooted causes that created the unwanted pounds. For that I remain forever changed and can use all life learn to live my life in a more healthy manner both physically and mentally he. The weight-loss will be a bonus to what I call the course success of my time with David and I can continue the process long after my last session.

Meredith Dragon Rochester, NY - Oct 25, 2017

I am very grateful to Jason for giving me the tools not only lose weight, but to regain control of my eating habits. Having completed our sessions I am confident that I can continue losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I was stuck before coming in, and now I am free to move forward. Jason helped me build confidence now, and in the future. I have never felt so good losing weight and keeping it off!

Tracy Webster, NY - Oct 24, 2017

I came to ROC Hypnosis to get a grasp on my depression and take back control over my life and emotions. I attended eight sessions and started noticing benefits right after the very first session. Jason taught me many ways to take control of my depression and manage it. After eight sessions I have seen a significant improvement in my depression and feel completely in control of it. I feel that the tools I have learned in the sessions will help me to manage any future symptoms of depression and live a happier, healthier life.

Anonymous Rochester, NY - Oct 23, 2017

I came to see David to deal with anxiety, stress, and phobias. Hypnosis has helped to deal with all 3 issues plus some positive side effects. I now sleep better at night, eat healthier and have lost weight due to decreased stress and anxiety. Do the homework and open your mind to allow David to help.

Elise Carpenter Rochester, NY - Oct 13, 2017

I came here to see Dave to help me to find confidence in driving. After the first hypnosis session I knew I took the right steps in finding that confidence. I will tell my friends, and family what Dave has done for me. Thank you again, and again :)

Kim Anderson Rochester, NY - Oct 12, 2017

I came here for weight loss. I am still working towards my goal but I have a better ability - food choices, portion control and exercise are more manageable. I am recommending ROC to my son for his issues!

Brook Spencerport, NY - Oct 5, 2017

I came here to stop drinking, and I am now alcohol free! The best commitment I've ever made. Thank you.

Guenther Mundorff Rochester, NY - Sep 28, 2017

I came to ROC to quit smoking. David and I spent four sessions together. I am now smoking only about half the number of cigarettes I smoked when I started. I believe it if I continue to listen to my sessions I will be free from smoking. Thank you for your help and support.

Anonymous -, NY - Sep 28, 2017

I have always believed in the power of hypnosis but the personalized sessions I experience with Dave had made the difference in my weight loss journey. I am extremely grateful for the professional and personal treatment I received these past eight weeks. I am proud of the weight and inches I have lost but more importantly the new healthy habits I have formed. Thank you Dave… I am indebted to you!!

Cindy Schoen Webster, NY - Sep 26, 2017

I came to ROC for weight loss. Jason was wonderful. I was able to loose seven pounds and 6+ inches over a seven week period. This was my first time doing hypnosis. It really works!

Craig & Donna Jacques Shortsville, NY - Sep 19, 2017

We came to see Dave to quit smoking. We're very satisfied with the sessions. We believe we have the tools we need to become smoke free, thanks to Dave's help.

E.F. Rochester, NY - Sep 12, 2017

I came in for help with stress and anxiety. Both were factors that lead to a flare in my medical condition. Since receiving treatment, both stress and anxiety levels have decreased and I am seeing improvement in my health. An added benefit is an improvement in my mood, which has lead to more happiness in my life.

Wendy Kierst Canandaigua, NY - Sep 9, 2017

I came here because I never really had any motivation to work out; therefore, I had gained about 20 pounds over the last few years. After only one session, I felt more motivated to work out and after finishing six sessions, I rarely crave any food that is not health for me. I feel like a completely new person and I owe it all to David. He was great to work with, easy to talk to and receptive to anything I said. He was always there to help when needed.

Corinne Bennett Brooktondale, NY - Sep 9, 2017

I came to Jason for help with emotional eating and weight loss. Not only did my sessions address things like portion control, but they really helped me to learn quite a bit about myself. I'm very confident that I now have the tools to continue with the healthy lifestyle I started living while going through these sessions, and I would highly recommend (and have recommended) hypnosis to anyone dealing with similar issues. Thank you Jason!

Justin Michaels Kent, NY - Sep 7, 2017

I came here wanting to quit smoking after 10-years and multiple failed attempts on my own over the last few years. In four weeks I went from 5-7 cigars per day to 0 with Jason's help. I leave here today confident in my ability to never smoke again. Jason made the process simple, open, easy and I will definitely recommend him to any who inquire about help.

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