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* Individual Results May Vary

* Individual Results May Vary

Kim Manioci Rochester, NY - Sep 12, 2018

I came to stop smoking and I was surprised at how easy the process was. I was treated with respect and was told the process in a step by step manner. After my first session, I did not have any cravings at all! If you are questioning at all if this will work - it will- I am proof of it!

Darcie Johnson Rochester, NY - Sep 6, 2018

I came to Jason because I am diagnosed with Aphasia. It happened 3-years ago. It was hard to find words, speak and understand what people were saying. I was isolating myself & was very sad. I had zero confidence to speak. My experience with Jason was very positive! I relearned to accept myself, and to allow mistakes, without self-judgment or insecurity. Doing so allowed all the anxiety to go away. Now I am out in the world, doing lots of things, and I don't care anymore if I make mistakes. I'm much calmer,and moving forward I now allowing whatever comes up. I plan to continue progressing with my audios, and look forward for the new me that awaits!

Corinne Cortland, NY - Aug 23, 2018

This morning I had my final dental appointment to take care of all of the cavities that were found when I moved to Cortland, because my previous dentist was so awful. I usually don't even want to hear that I have one cavity, but to know I had FIFTEEN was unreal. I wouldn't have gotten through all of those without your help, and I just wanted to thank you again for your help with my dental anxiety. I can't believe they are finally done! Some appointments were smoother than others, but I was able to calm myself down if I needed to and get through them all. Thank you so much!

Rita Rochester, NY - Aug 16, 2018

I can’t because of being overweight and constantly thinking of food. My experience coming here was awesome and relaxing. I always look forward to my next session and for my next lesson. The benefits I received was one of learning more about myself and triggerpoints and to learn how to take back control of my life and my food. I lost over 10 pounds, with more to come with the continuation of listening to my custom audio‘s (that’s the key). My life will be better now that I am in control going forward. I’m so happy and I look forward to my future success!

NA Rochester, NY - Aug 16, 2018

I came to ROC because of sexual performance issues. My experience with Jason was very positive. He gave me tools to use to better my abilities to perform in bed and to get “out of my head “due to overthinking the situation. I’ve already had improvements in my relationship and I anticipate greater improvements with time. I’m confident that this issue will soon be history in my relationship made much stronger.

Russ Honeoye Falls, NY - Aug 8, 2018

Most everyone has some fears of one thing or another. Mine was going to the dentist. To me it was like being in a torture chamber. The sounds of the drills, the probing into my mouth, the scraping; the noises and the occasional pain were just too upsetting. My blood pressure would rise as I waited my turn in the waiting room. Earlier this year I had to undergo an extraction. Unfortunately, the procedure did not go well. I came out from under the anesthesia and my blood pressure had spiked to an extreme level. Needless to say, I told the dentist that we were going to scrub the extraction. By this time my level of anxiety was sky high and I knew I had to find a way to be able to once again face this procedure. That was when I found Jason who guided me to being able to control my fear of not only dentists but of crowds. With his sessions and follow up reinforcements from the audio clips, I was finally able to overcome the fears and have since that time been able to complete the procedure. I know I am not the only one who fears going to the dentist so if this is your problem, take the time to schedule a meeting with Jason to see if hypnosis is right for you.

Debbie Kanner Fairport, NY - Aug 8, 2018

I came to Jason to work on being less reactive and being calmer ( not angry) with my kids. Also to work on self-esteem. Jason listened, always work with me as an individual, and truly cared about my success. I am now definitely calmer and much less reactive. I am now able to respond more than react. And I show up more as “me “. This all translate to a smoother, less stressful, and happier life. Thank you!

Linda Day Rochester, NY - Aug 6, 2018

I came to improve memory retention. My experience was enjoyable using techniques I understood and applied. My benefits of this experience is having learned a method to memory retention, along with the confidence to be around others with a sense of comfort. My life will be better feeling a better overall sense of security and confidence been able to learn and do anything I put my mind to.

Joanne Zurakowski Victor, NY - Aug 6, 2018

I came to ROC to help overcome a fear of pigeons. My experience was positive, and I received tools to help deal with pigeons along with other aspects of life that caused anxiety & stress. I benefited by learning key tools and also by listening to subconscious cues so that I could apply calming techniques. I know that with practice my pigeon fear will resolve. In addition, I’ve learned tools to improve my other aspects of daily life. I’ll be better from this experience.

Tanya Rochester, NY - Aug 6, 2018

I came to Jason to help me lose weight. My experience was very positive. Jason gave me simple but powerful suggestions to help me reach my goals. I have already experienced some weight loss and a significant improvement in my stress levels, time management and mindful eating habits. Moving forward I believe I will continue to finally achieve lasting weight loss.

Dawn Canandaigua, NY - Jun 24, 2018

I was fortunate enough to meet Jason on April 25, 2018. Our first session, as promised, was free to evaluate whether we could make headwave on me loosing some weight. I immediately felt comfortable and at ease with this gentle man. Hypnotizing has had an amazing effect on me. It has addressed my issues with eating: too large portions, eating too fast and eating sugars. I no longer have any cravings or desires for sugar. I now focus on healthy eating and drink lots of water. Now 6 weeks later, I find I have a lot more patience, not in a rush to do anything. I sleep much better and am content to only drink water after supper. After 50 years of yo yo eating, dieting and being miserable, I have started a new chapter in my life. I found confidence with Jason. He has given me assistance with my eating habits, self confidence and exercise. At this point I average about two to three pounds and inches a week. Jason is truly a gem... how fortunate I am to have him as my mentor, therapist and friend. I love you for getting my life and body back on track. Wishing You Palm Trees and Pelicans... Dawn

Kera Jackson Rochester, NY - Jun 21, 2018

I came to Jason because I wanted to quit smoking for me and my children. The intensity of the sessions are very powerful! After cutting back 75% in just a few weeks, I am fully ready to be smoke free! I will continue using my tools to be this smoke free person.

Deanna Tones Palmyra, NY - Jun 13, 2018

My son had a horrible, debilitating phobia of bees. He was never outside for more than a few minutes without severe panicking. After his first session here, he was able to sit on a patio with the family on Mother’s Day for about a half an hour. That, was amazing to me! He was calm and not constantly covering his head or searching for bees. I have seen his confidence grow with each session. It is a wonderful feeling to have my whole family be able to participate in outdoor activities. Now, he won’t have to miss out on things like used to. I am thankful we decided to give hypnosis a try. Jason made us all feel welcome and was ready to help my son. The outdoors isn’t such a scary place for him anymore.

Bev Brewster Rochester, NY - Jun 13, 2018

Great experience! No more stress. Calmer, and sleeping better at night. Jason gave me great ideas for better choices of foods to eat. Was not such a struggle to eat healthy and avoid junk foods. Raised my energy levels . Best part I can keep listening to recordings as life long tools. Much better than a diet to follow! The sessions were so relaxing too!

Jill Owens Livonia, NY - May 25, 2018

I came to Jason to quit smoking. Through the four sessions of my program, I’ve begun my journey towards a healthier, happier person who IS capable and determined to be and remain a non-smoking Mom, Gramma, friend, sister, Aunt & Great Aunt. This old habit will not defeat me anymore. I am already well on my way and very soon I will call ROC Hypnosis to hear Jason say, “congratulations Jill! “. Hypnosis is not what I expected, but my life will now be energized as the cigarettes become another part of my past.

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