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* Individual Results May Vary

* Individual Results May Vary

Lori Crassi Spencerport, NY - Apr 26, 2021

I came to RIC Hypnosis to better my sleep. Once discussing my goals, sleep was not my only area where I needed assistance. I went through the journey of finding and implementing the given strategies to help control anxiety, anger, panic, then finally sleep. I feel as though I have gained insight on my stressors, and how to approach these efficiently, not letting the stress and anxiety rule over my days and nights. I use these strategies daily. I am now able to meditate with greater ease and stop unwanted feelings before they take over my energy levels and day. I am sleeping much better and not as anxious as I used to be.

Edwin Staunton Fairport, NY - Apr 26, 2021

I was a smoker for 50 years. I have tried several different ways to quit but nothing worked. I thought I would try hypnosis and was surprised how everything worked! Jason worked with me for three sessions and it worked. I am convinced I am now a non-smoker. I felt so relaxed at the sessions and I think Jason for his skill in helping me. It feels good to be smoke-free.

Lahr Mincer Rochester, NY - Apr 12, 2021

I was a smoker for some 50 years. I tried to quit many times but that did not work with patches or gums!!! So, I thought that I would try a different approach to this and I went with ROC Hypnosis. After attending my session I now have a stronger will and I'm getting things done. It was as if, all of the sudden, I don't smoke anymore!

Melissa Turner Rochester, NY - Apr 2, 2021

I've been pulling my hair out for upwards of 15 years and was at the end of my rope. Anything I had tried, didn't work. With covid, it seemed to get even worse. That's when I contacted roc hypnosis. Best decision I've ever made! After session number one (of 6) I immediately noticed results. And with each session after, more and more progress. It's almost like magic! I'm amazed at how well this work for my unique issue, and Jason was absolutely wonderful! From the minute I walked into the office, I felt comfortable and confident that he wanted to help. Thank you, Jason. This experience means and meant so much!

Leah Webster, NY - Feb 19, 2021

I sought the services of ROC Hypnosis to help with life-long anxiety and worry. I had two family members work with Jason and I witnessed their successful outcomes. Once I started working with Jason I began to see improvements after the first session and significant changes within a few weeks. What I really like about Jason, besides that he’s obviously gifted and doing God’s work, is that he took a wholistic approach and developed a program unique and specific to me. He doesn’t take a “one-size fits all” approach. The homework he gave me each week was easy to do. This allowed me to practice the techniques he taught me and set me up for success. Our sessions just finished but he provided me with a long-term plan to continue to practice the techniques and to improve upon my new skills. I feel completely confident that I can do this. Jason is a kind and empathetic man who created a safe, trusting space. If you’re thinking of investing in personal improvement, you can be confident that your time and money will be well spent.

Larry Rochester, NY - Feb 10, 2021

My daughter insisted I do hypnosis soon after she gave birth to my fourth grandchild, her first baby. She wanted me to be around for my granddaughter's wedding. Coming here, I did NOT truly want to quit smoking, but went along with the process to appease my daughter. After the first session I became a nonsmoker and then truly wanted to quit. It works! Thanks Jason.

Molly Murray Rochester, NY - Jan 13, 2021

I came to roc hypnosis due to my severe anxiety. It was taking over my life. I'm now in control, less stressed, and I no longer freak out on a daily basis as I used to, if at all! I no longer avoid everything in my life because of my anxiety as I did prior to going to roc hypnosis. My overall confidence around everything has increased. I felt hopeless before, but now I feel as if I can do anything I put my mind to, and also to be able to control my anxiety should it still arise. now, I can handle work when it gets extremely busy without having to worry about stressing my co-workers out, and suffering the effects of anxiety.

E.E. Rochester, NY - Dec 29, 2020

I came over to ROC Hypnosis with weight issues. I wasn't happy with my weight and I was feeling stuck after various attempts and failing. Jason has helped me get unstuck and feel so, so much better than I used to. I am very thankful that I found the help that I was looking for and needed at ROC Hypnosis. Thank you so much!

Brenda Sofia Hamlin, NY - Nov 9, 2020

Jason was great to work with on my weight loss the hypnosis session are helping me continue my loss I went to him because he helped my husband with another problem and I knew he could help me Thank You Jason

Chester A. Lockman Rush, NY - Oct 5, 2020

I came here to learn how to make better choices in my life so that I can lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. Through hypnosis, I feel I've learned the proper steps to getting to achieving my goals of a healthier lifestyle and to lose the weight that I want to lose. I feel 100% empowered by these sessions to continue moving forward and accomplishing what I came here for.

Susan M. Demers Rochester, NY - Oct 5, 2020

I was a 40-year smoker. I had images of what hypnosis was. Jason explained what it was and what it wasn't. That made me feel much more comfortable. I was relaxed with each session. I listen to my audios as assigned . The techniques and suggestions made were so very helpful. I am confident that because of Jason's help I will remain the successful non-smoker I now am.

A.P. Spencerport, NY - Oct 5, 2020

I came to roc hypnosis for a mission and a goal. I wanted to break out of my food phobia habit that has been stuck with me since the age of four. My experience with Jason at roc hypnosis has been very positive to say the least. I've felt as though that I've gotten really close to achieving my goal. I've got nothing more to say to Jason but a gigantic thank you for all the hard work he's done for me and my family to make sure that I'm where I need to be. I've achieved so much over the past month and a half, and I'm more motivated to keep moving forward and becoming better and more comfortable trying new foods.

Esther M. Doherty Webster, NY - Oct 5, 2020

I smoked for 40 years, 30 cigarettes a day. When I left after my first session I never smoked since. It was like I had never smoked or didn't know what it was like to smoke. The visual tools were extremely helpful. I feel free! I feel so proud of myself for doing this. I would highly recommend this to anyone who really wants to quit. I can smell, taste and breathe for the first time in 40 years!

Claire Atlanta, GA - Sep 3, 2020

My husband died of cancer in June of 2020. I was completely overwhelmed with anxiety and grief! I doubted my ability to juggle the challenges ahead of me as a working single parent during Covid with a 1st grader at home doing virtual learning. Jason helped me to regain control of my life and get a handle on my stress and anxiety. He taught me tactics to use on a daily basis to stay in control and not get overwhelmed. He helped me build confidence that I can do this and my life isn't over. He taught me to find gratitude and bits of happiness every day. I can't say enough good things about his program and his talent.

Angelina R. Fairport, NY - May 12, 2020

I chose to work with Jason, due to my fear of driving. I had 6 sessions total, and even after just the first one, I could already tell a difference! Before, I was extremely tense and anxious while behind the wheel. Now, after having completed my 6 sessions, I feel calm, comfortable, and in control. It is amazing how well hypnosis works! I am incredibly thankful for Jason and him helping me to be able to overcome my fear.

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