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* Individual Results May Vary

* Individual Results May Vary

Carrie Borrello - Apr 24, 2012

I experienced a session of stress relaxation hypnosis through skype with Jason. From the comfort of home in TN all the way to NY I benefited from Jason and hypnosis! I had an amazing feeling of blissfulness and my body felt warm and relaxed. My breathing and heart rate slowed and my mind was at ease. I was shocked by how much the hypnosis affected me physically! It was a wonderful experience and incredibly positive! Well worth investing!

Kelli S. - Apr 24, 2012

Thanks for a great experience with hypnosis. My first session I felt the relaxation and warmth radiate through my body. I can't wait to do it again and see how much deeper I can go.

Wanda McGee - Apr 24, 2012

Thanks to the simple three session stop smoking program, I'm proud to say that I've been smoke free for over two months! It still amazes me how easy it was with hypnosis. After years of trying every other method imaginable, I finally found one that works.

Glenn W - Apr 24, 2012

I recently finished the 8 week weight loss hypnosis program with Jason. I am proud to say I have now lost 20 lbs. I found the sessions very relaxing but at the same time motivating and invigorating. I feel that these sessions have changed my lifestyle for the better. Although I feel that I have made healthy food choices in the past, I had a portion control problem. I now find that I have overcome that issue and know when I am full and satisfied and do not overindulge. This program has very much helped me with wanting to be fit. I have been exercising daily and feel the need to fit it into my day, something I have always struggled with prior to my hypnosis experience. These sessions have definately increased my motivation to eat healthy and exercise regularly. For me it has been an amazing experience. Jason was professional and seems to genuinely want to help one succeed. I would recommend to anyone who has been thinking about trying hypnosis to give it a try and keep an open mind about the possibilities. Jason, thanks so much for giving me the motivation to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Rubu D. - Apr 24, 2012

I went to Jason to overcome my fear of dogs (I think dogs are beautiful but I was terrified of them for as long as I remember) I am happy to say now I can walk past one with out panicking, & today I walked through a door and there was a pug dog on the other side that the daycare teacher had brought in for the kids to play with, I was surprised when I saw him because I didn't expect to see a dog, but I was not afraid instead I played with (Freddie) held him & shared my hypnosis with the teachers & a little one who had a little fear of him, I cant put into wods how great it felt. Thank U Jason for opening up a whole new world to me. Be Blessed.

Lady Melinda Rochester, NY - Apr 24, 2012

Jason preformed at our Healing fair, and Was AMAZING!!!! All our guests, including my self, were very impressed! His stage show is Wonder full, so unique, honest and should not be Missed! We will be incorporating him in any future event that we have! Thank you soo much Jason! I will be in touch!

Sailor M. Rochester, NY - Apr 24, 2012

The Navy has strict policy on physical standards. That means push ups, sit ups and running. A lot of running. I couldn't hack the running and was in jeopardy of being kicked out. In just three sessions, Jason had me running in record time (record for me that is.) I've increase my running speed by almost 10% and I feel a whole lot better when I finish. Looking forward to my first 5k in the new year.

Petra L. - Apr 24, 2012

Jason's passion of his trade and commitment towards his clientele is evident in his demeanor and professionalism. The atmosphere is calming and inviting and clients can feel relaxed knowing that they are in truly compassionate hands. As a client I was able to feel at home and at ease with his genuine attentiveness to my health concerns.

Christy H. Pittsford, NY - Apr 24, 2012

When I decided to become smoke free I went to Jason. Having been a smoker for 20 years. I can proudly say that I am smoke free after 3 sessions.

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