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* Individual Results May Vary

* Individual Results May Vary

Peter Kokorotsis Rochester, NY - Mar 12, 2018

I came here with the intention to quit smoking and in the four sessions that I had, each time I had the confidence to do it! Dave made me feel confident and made me feel better about myself. I would definitely recommend ROC Hypnosis to a friend and recommend David.

Jeff Houseknecht Batavia, NY - Mar 6, 2018

I came here because I would get anxious and then close spaces and when I would get farther away from home that I felt comfortable with. My experience here was the coming one and relax full. I am now much more comfortable in the small room such as doctor offices. I now am confident in my ability to be able to travel further away from home and to be able to fly now to further away destinations with the help I received here.

J.C. Rochester, NY - Mar 6, 2018

Fear of Public speaking- This was a very worthwhile experience which helped me to relax and have more confidence during my presentations. I feel the sessions will help me advance in my career as a result of the skills and techniques I learned.

Richard Comella Rochester, NY - Mar 6, 2018

I clearly came here for one reason and one reason only, and that was to quit smoking. David’s work is very well thought out and cleared understand. He was. very helpful and gave me the tools to once and for all quit smoking. So far, I have made much change in my life for the better and I know that I will reach my goals of living a normal and healthy lifestyle free from cigarettes.

Courtney Rogaski Rochester, NY - Feb 15, 2018

I came here to quit smoking. I have been able to quit with the use of nicotine patches and gum, but it would always be short-lived. I would go back to the cigarettes. I had a good experience working with Jason and was actually smoke-free and nicotine free before my last session. I could finally go to the gym and not feel sick from not being able to breathe fully while exercising. I survived a stressful job, an internship, and grad school classes. All of these stressors without needing cigarettes. Now, I can fully enjoy life!

Dave Rochester, NY - Feb 15, 2018

I came to Jason with difficulties being comfortable in wearing pants. Through six sessions I have found routing causes that I would have never expected to be the cause of this ad sensation. Jason is help me to realize, analyze and work to fix these issues. I am on a path now to fixing these bad habits and becoming a happier person.

PK Rochester, NY - Feb 15, 2018

I came in for weight loss. With hypnotism, I was able to gain control of stress eating and put exercise back into my regular routine. I feel a lot better and have more energy, and look forward to keeping these changes as part of my routine.

Vicki Werner Rochester, NY - Dec 20, 2017

I came to get help/insight into my issues with food & overeating. The sessions really helped me focus on why I use food as a crutch, and helped me pinpoint when I am more apt to eat unhealthy foods. It helped give me an awareness of unhealthy choices, and gave me the tools to help deal with the feelings, so I can take back control of my life. Control will help me achieve my goals and feel better about me.

Shelbie Colombo Penfield, NY - Dec 18, 2017

I came to overcome my fear of flying and Heights. My experience coming here help me to lower my every day stress level and tools to cope with my anxiety when I would think or have to actually fly. It was very relaxing and when listening to my audios once a day I find I was able to get better sleep at night and not carry so much stress throughout my day. This experience not only help reduce my fear of flying but gave me tools to cope with every day life. I now have a more positive outlook on things that scare me and caused me stress and I will be better able to control my anxieties and have a more stress-free life.

Lani Rochester, NY - Dec 16, 2017

After years of struggling with weight issues, I decided to try hypnosis . So far, I’m down 10 pounds and my clothes are fitting much better. I’ve stopped snacking , and kicked my habit of diet Coke. I am much happier and feel that I will be able to lose the weight that I need to. thank you Patty for helping me on my journey.

Ellie Rochester, NY - Dec 15, 2017

I came to meet Jason after having two people I know found success at ROC hypnosis. I found my sessions to be relaxing and enlightening. My benefit moving forward will be less anxiety and stress. I came in with postpartum anxiety and Jason help me understand and make sense of it. I really enjoyed listening to my audio‘s before bed to let the days stress be released. I know this experience will impact me for the positive for the rest of my life.

Jessica Smith Rochester, NY - Dec 6, 2017

I came to ROC Hypnosis to quit smoking. My experience was wonderful. Dave was so personable and professional, he was great about helping me through setbacks and encouraging me when I needed support. After my fourth session I am proud to be smoke-free and to be raising my children in a confident smoke free home and setting, the best possible example for them.

John Hotchkiss Canandaiguia, NY - Dec 6, 2017

I came to ROC Hypnosis to quit smoking. Before I knew of hypnosis I was afraid of trying to quit forever. I heard about hypnosis and decided to give it a try. From the beginning I stayed open minded and hopeful in the process. David gave me my first session I immediately felt calm and confident. By session two with him I had been smoke-free for a couple days, and by session 3 and 4 I was ready to be a forever non-smoker. David is a world-class hypnotist in my book and I couldn’t thank him and ROC Hypnosis enough.

Jay Pilston Churchville, NY - Nov 18, 2017

I came in with high hopes but with limited and safe expectations. Not sure what to expect. It was a positive and successful experience. I was put into a position for success with my weight loss goals. Not only have I lost weight and eat better but I feel confident to continue down the path of continued success. I look forward to a future of healthy weight and size through healthy habits. It worked for me and of others try they also can do it . Thank you!

Tori Kavanaugh Rochester, NY - Nov 16, 2017

I came here to get help losing weight in finding motivation to exercise. My experience was very positive and I would recommend it to anyone with an open mind looking for some help. The sessions have help me learn to relax and have given me the tools to achieve my goals. I am confident that if I continue to use these tips, I will eventually reach my ideal weight and figure and be much more happy with myself.

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