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* Individual Results May Vary

* Individual Results May Vary

Alysia Victor, NY - Jun 28, 2022

I tried roc hypnosis for my son to not get mad at things that he didn’t like or want. I learned about roc hypnoses through my father that saw some thing at a job fair at work. Jason and Marc are great people. Marc had given my son useful techniques to use to calm himself before he yells. I have not seen a huge improvement yet, but I am very hopeful that the techniques will work with time. I feel this is a start to finally helping my son!

Mark S. Rochester, NY - Jun 24, 2022

I came to Jason with little hope that Hypnosis would allow me to kick my 30+ year nicotine habit. After one session I was nicotine free and I am confident I’ll remain that way. Jason help me with the tools to replace this habit with positive alternatives while calming the inner battle within my mind to use nicotine. Thanks!

Cole Freeman Mandeville, LA - Jun 13, 2022

I came to ROC Hypnosis because I was having a mental block on touch throws in baseball. I knew I could make the throw but my body wasn’t allowing me. During my program, I enjoyed everyday second of learning how it works and why it works. It has also slowed life down for me, in a positive way. The sessions give me a new perspective on the situation I was dealing with. I was able to look at it in a certain way that made me understand what I was dealing with. This has helped me not only with baseball, but also in my everyday life style. I feel like my mind has slowed down a lot, and I now have confidence again in my throws. They are not perfect yet but they are improved and well on their way. I 100% would refer ROC Hypnosis to someone in a similar situation. It has helped more then anything else I have tired!

Max Rochester, NY - Jun 10, 2022

Marc was very professional and relatable. Had a good experience and would recommend Roc Hypnosis. I found out about RH on Google search.

Meredith Rochester, NY - May 27, 2022

I decided to try hypnosis for weight loss, almost as a last resort. I have tried almost every eating plan known to man and i never been able to "stay on track" or maintain momentum. There has always been this voice in my head that sabotaged my efforts. Bur, since I began theses sessions, that voice has grown quieter and quieter. It's not completely gone, but it is no longer in the driver's seat of my brain. I feel much more in-control. All though my health journey is not complete, I finally feel like I am on the right path.

Chip McDaniel Rochester, NY - May 24, 2022

I really enjoyed working with Jason and Marc at ROC Hypnosis. The service here is great. I have used them in the past for smoking and have not had a desire to smoke since, so when it came to weight loss I immediately thought of them. This program did not work very well for me. I am not sure why as I listened to the session every night. One of the things I now that I had an issue with was that the session started with the exact same words every time. This made it a boring for me and it became hard to focus. My mind kept thinking of other things and I would have to push myself to listen. I did have some health issues which postponed the last two of the eight sessions for a month. I am sure that this did not help either. Overall I think that ROC Hypnosis is a good program, Marc is awesome to work with, and I highly recommend them.

Amanda Donovan Rochester, NY - May 11, 2022

I really enjoyed my experience at ROC Hypnosis. I was able to work through some childhood traumas in a way that "talk" therapy couldn't provide. I now feel less stressed and much more in-control. Thanks!

NA Rochester, NY - May 3, 2022

I came to ROC Hypnosis to help with stress that I was feeling, and to help build up my confidence. After sitting and doing the sessions, I feel more confident in myself, and have a better ability to handle my stress.

Eliza S. Rochester, NY - Apr 24, 2022

Hi Tracey, I just want to thank you and Roc hypnosis for helping me and keeping me on track. Just a little update : weightloss I'm at a total of 28lbs! These last couple months the weightloss has been slower than expected. However yesterday I was approved for my tummy tuck! Now its just a matter of scheduling it. I also decided to skip out on Miami for my 30th birthday, but plus side my tummy tuck will take place in Miami. I will now be spending my 30th in Hawaii (honolulu) for a week. Again thank you for helping me break the mental blocks I was having and to get motivated to feel better about myself.

Melissa L. Rochester, NY - Apr 24, 2022

I flew to California - and I was not afraid!!! My body and mind have been reset! I could not believe it. I’ve been afraid to fly since 2010 and I never thought it would be different. Thank you so much!!!

Michelle Chin Rochester, NY - Apr 14, 2022

Through Hipnosis, Jason help me to get control over my 40+ year nail biting issue. My nail biting was reduced even after the first session. I Have reduced my nail biting 70 to 80%. I have learned a lot about myself, my brain, and I feel like I have the tools to get rid of this bad habit forever.

Bill Parish, NY - Apr 7, 2022

I cam into quit smoke. Staff was very pleasant and professional. I would recommend roc

Gregg Middlebrook Rochester, NY - Apr 6, 2022

I thought I would never stop smoking!! But after 3 visits with Marc, I am done smoking after 30 years. He instilled the tools I needed to think about if I ever wanted to go back. It truly is mind over matter. The key is I personally wanted to stop smoking and after the sessions I have accomplished my goal with no desire to smoke.

Anonymous Rochester, NY - Mar 23, 2022

I came to ROC Hypnosis for help with anxiety, both social and performance. The process was easily manageable and yielded great results for me. Most importantly of these results would be the ability to continuously improve on this aspect of problems that I have been dealing with through techniques and subconscious reinforcements I have acquired over the sessions. I would definitely recommend to a friend. It would be nice if insurance would cover this though.

Tom Webster, NY - Mar 18, 2022

I came for Hypnosis after failed attempts to control an emotional trauma response called conversion disorder, also known as functional movement disorder. Neurology, medicine and other therapies had little to no effect after two years with this disorder. After the first few sessions I noticed a mark decrease in the frequency and severity of my symptoms. I was diligent in the process and it has certainly made a positive difference. I would recommend this to others with similar issues.

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