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* Individual Results May Vary

* Individual Results May Vary

Kathleen Kubicek Canandaigua, NY - Apr 16, 2020

I sought hypnotism for fear of flying. After the first session I felt more relaxed and at ease during my flight the next day. It was almost as if the turbulence now was just background noise. Since completing my 4th session we have been in lockdown with COVID19. I’m excited to fly again so I can see how far I’ve come! Thank you Jason!

Dale Klein Rochester, NY - Apr 10, 2020

I am using hypnosis for weight loss. I have finished the sessions but still need to listen to the sessions for 4 more weeks. I have been able to change my behavior quite a bit, I do not feel that it is cemented yet. I have lost a couple of pounds already. I plan to continue with the program and am hoping for the beat.

JDP Victor, NY - Apr 6, 2020

I decided to try the program to assist me with some career roadblocks and difficulties I was having. Both Jason and the program were of great help to me and I would recommend to anybody. I have also found the hypnosis sessions and the corresponding techniques that go along with them have been very useful in my personal life as well. Jason's is very professional and his strategy is tailored to the needs of the individual client versus a one size fits all approach. I've noticed an increase in focus, clarity, and energy and decrease in stress levels and negative thought processes. If you follow the program as instructed and put the necessary time in, results will soon follow. I feel now I have certain advantages mentally that i did not possess beforehand and an array of tools I can use when stressful or pressure filled situations arise. I would encourage anyone to invest in themselves and hire ROC Hypnosis .

Joe Klein Rochester, NY - Apr 3, 2020

I signed up because I was unable to lose the 10 pounds I wanted to lose by myself. I have lost 8 pounds and on my way to lose the other 2. It has been relatively easy. I do plan to listen to the audios that Jason made indefinitely as they are also good for general stress relief.

Lindsey D. Albion, NY - Apr 3, 2020

I came into ROC Hypnosis with anxiety and stress. Coming to these appointments have helped me more with having a clear, open mind and to be able to relax and not stress about everything. I have stepped a little bit out of my comfort zone and don't feel like I have to finish all the housework before I leave the house. With all these tools and my audios I think it is going to help me going forward with being able to focus on school/work/home with a more positive outlook. My overall experience was wonderful.

William D. Rochester, NY - Apr 3, 2020

I came to hypnosis as a way to finally succeed and reach my goal of having an awesome life. I feel as though it has helped me to find the peace and confidence that was already there inside myself. I find that I'm not struggling against myself anymore and that I know that I am doing what I need to do to have a wonderful life.

Ellen Webster, NY - Apr 3, 2020

I came to ROC Hypnosis/Jason K. to see if hypnosis could release my issues around eating. I attended 8 sessions, each different, yet each reaching a deep state for hypnosis. All were full of education about behavioral health, food and emotions around food. All helped or will help as I listen to them periodically. They helped de-clutter and rid my bad memories related to food and my emotions around food. I would highly recommend this program for someone who is struggling with weight loss for any reason.

Celest F. N/A, NY - Apr 3, 2020

I sought help for anxiety, control, stomach troubles, fear of vomit. It controlled my life The fear of being around vomit, the thought was constantly there. Hypnosis not only helped me handle and be able to deal with that fear effectively, it also helped the panic attack that would follow. I'm not saying vomit is pleasant or that I am happy when it happens, but I am able to handle it effectively and even help my children. My anxiety is much less. I am not quick to jump towards anger or try to control the members of my family's lives.

Anonymous Williamson, NY - Apr 3, 2020

I came to ROC Hypnosis to help me quit smoking. Over the last four sessions it has given me the tools to be a non-smoker. I feel that after my last session I will no longer allow cigarettes to control me nor be a part of my life.

Jeff V. Bergen, NY - Apr 3, 2020

I came for smoking cessation. After 4 sessions I feel confident to finally quit smoking!!! I will continue to use the tools Jason provided and remove this nasty habit from my life.

Bob C. Wolcott, NY - Apr 3, 2020

I came to relieve myself of anxiety and depression. I feel that the relaxation has helped me to get better and more comfortable with myself and others.

Michael Lee Pavilion, NY - Apr 3, 2020

I came in looking for a way to better control my thinking processes in regards to food. I have been shown a way to deal with obsessive overeating which has begun to show results physically and has made lifestyle changes much easier.

Anonymous Rochester, NY - Apr 3, 2020

I came here with anxiety/panic attacks during public speaking, primarily. During the six sessions, and with listening to the sessions daily, I have been able to significantly reduce my anxiety symptoms and feel much more confident while presenting. I had doubts when I began this program if hypnosis would even work. After 6 weeks, I am much more confident and have significantly reduced my stress levels. This was a way for me to fix my problem in a much quicker, healthier way.

Eileen Brown Hilton, NY - Apr 3, 2020

I came to ROC because I was frustrated that I could not get over my PTS. My anxiety was high... I used wine as a crutch and did not want to anymore. I am confident now I have tools to help me; I hope to be more in control and content/happier. I would and have recommended hypnosis to people I care about!

Bill Rochester, NY - Apr 3, 2020

Awesome! What an eye-opener. Never thought I would feel what was being said to me to actually happen. Cool stuff! Really worked.

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