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* Individual Results May Vary

* Individual Results May Vary

Tracie -, NY - Dec 1, 2019

I came to ROC Hypnosis for help overcoming a debilitating fear of flying that has progressively worsened over the years. Traditional interventions never worked. By the third session, I was amazed by how much less panic/ anxiety I was feeling - not just about flying, but as a whole. I would recommend Jason to anyone who has anything they feel needs improvement. The only question you'll ask yourself is why you didn't do this earlier!

Sara Sharrow Henrietta, NY - Sep 26, 2019

I recently completed the Virtual Gastric Band program and I could not be more happy. I have tried to lose weight in every, possible way and failed... Until now. This program could not be simpler. Follow 8 steps. Listen to the audio. Live your life. It's incredible. I lost 17 lbs from the start of week one to the start of week 4. That's 17 lbs in 21 days!!! Never before have I had such success so quickly!

Fred Byrd Jacksonville, FL - Sep 18, 2019

Wonderful Session and Great Person

Mary M. Rochester, NY - Aug 13, 2019

I just completed 8 sessions with Jason re: weight loss. My Gyn referred me, as I had gained 50# over 3 yrs. after quitting smoking cold-turkey. I had tried an advertised 40-day weight loss program, and although I did lose the 20#, I gained it right back. Twice. I was super skeptical because hypnosis is not something I would have ever done or had any interest in. The thought made me uncomfortable, definitely not my style. The only reason I went is because I was absolutely desperate and my binge eating, obsession with food, and food running my life had gotten me to to a very depressed and hopeless spot. I could not even go 2 days "being good" and trying anymore. I would start over and over again, and fail over and over again. I was very scared and didn't even feel like I knew who I was anymore. My legs and feet were swollen and killing me, a problem I never had when I was thin. I knew I was out of control I felt like I was beyond help with this food problem. I am more grateful to Jason than I can put into words here. I noticed a difference from session 1. The only way I can describe it is it seems to "reset" your mind to what it was before you had a problem that got out of control, if that makes any sense. There are no new earth-shattering discoveries, it's just calming and self re-affirming and helps you get the job done. It has changed my life and given me hope and confidence again. I am down ~15#, but the best part is I feel confident that I can continue on until I'm down the whole 50. I am not afraid when I have an off or "bad" time, I just easily get right back to it without a struggle. I am writing this because before I started, I looked through these testimonials hoping for some bravery. Now I hope I can give the bravery to go ahead to someone else. Thank you so much, Jason.

Steph NA, TN - May 15, 2019

because I've only had three sessions over the course of two weeks, I can't speak about the long-term benefits of hypnosis. But, I enjoyed and saw improvements with my sessions, and found Jason easy to work with, and I plan to continue. Thank you!

Sara Sharrow Henrietta, NY - May 10, 2019

I came in to quit smoking. Finding roc hypnosis on Google was a godsend! every part of this process worked very well for me. After just one session, I was a non-smoker, after 17 years of filling my body with poison. I was done! I highly recommend this for anyone who is ready to leave the cigarettes behind and move on with a happier, healthier life!

Willard Bird Brockport, NY - May 8, 2019

After 55 years as a smoker, I felt I would never be able to quit smoking. After the first session here, I felt this was the thing to do. And now I can say no to cigarettes and it works! I will not become a smoker ever again.

Kayla NA, NY - Apr 22, 2019

I came to Moses as a final attempt to quit smoking once and for all. Each session covered a different aspect of quitting and the triggers that made me smoke in the first place. After listening to the audios on a daily basis I do feel that I will remain the non smoker I am now! I would highly recommend ROC Hypnosis to a friend!

Nikki Rochester, NY - Apr 22, 2019

1.5 years of intense therapy with a PhD in psychology could not continue giving me benefits passed a few sessions. Hypnosis help me destroy limitations I hadn't even imagined destroying in a lifetime, let alone in eight one hour long sessions! That's more than the last season of GOT has episodes! Anyways, hypnosis will help you if you are willing to keep doing any of the work instead of trying! Decide / choose/ intend to improve and you will. Through eight sessions I did more than sextuplet my medical business productivity, and made the decision to go back to college for math, psychology, and my PhD in law. Tell my past self again how "hypnosis doesn't work", LOL. Prove it or don't voice doubts that this "cannot help me". You'll thank me later.

Jeanne Sloan Rochester, NY - Apr 22, 2019

I was very wary when I began this journey, but can now see and feel how I have benefited. I am walking better, and learning how to reframe my negatives and have been given tools that will assist with this. I like the fact that I have audios customized to me that can be used and accessed over and over. I appreciate the outreach that was done for me orthotically and the kindness and concern always shown. I am so glad I did this and plan to come by one day having met my long-term goal of walking without assistance! Jason, you are the best. I am honored to have met and work with you. Keep up the good work. Thank you.

Jermaine Ponder Rochester, NY - Apr 22, 2019

My name is Jermaine, I started hypnotherapy approximately 8 weeks ago. When I finally decided to reach out to Jason at ROC Hypnosis I was a total wreck. I had dealt with anger issues practically my entire 42 years of living. I've tried numerous talk therapy, group sessions, anger management etc. All to no avail. I was told about hypnotherapy by my sister who lives in Florida. Best decision of my life! I was on the verge of divorce and spinning out of control. My life was completely out of control. 8 weeks later with hypnotherapy I am a new man! I would recommend this to any and everyone!

Erica Legan Fairport, NY - Apr 22, 2019

I was cautiously optimistic walking into my initial consultation. My friend's sister had been going through hypnotherapy and doing well (elsewhere). I knew I had deeper rooted issues,and had previously gone through traditional talk therapy, in which talk therapy wouldn't help any further at this point. I had experienced emotional and mental trauma my past and had carried it into my current marriage that was impacting it negatively. After 10 sessions with Jason, my life, marriage and Outlook has change for the better. I got my life back and I didn't realize that I had been missing it in the past. My son is happier because I'm a better mom. My husband is happier because I'm a better wife, friend and lover. I am over all better able to manage my stress, life and love. I am now a better version of myself because of my sessions with Jason. He's amazing!

NA Rochester, NY - Mar 28, 2019

I have read good things about hypnosis helping people with different issues they are struggling with, and decided to give it a try to help with my mindless eating and sugar cravings. I was very skeptical at first but when I saw the pounds coming off and my clothes fitting better, I became a believer. This is a lifestyle change I can live with and not a fad diet to lose weight quickly. I enjoyed my sessions with Jason and recommend his services to others.

LJS Rochester, NY - Mar 20, 2019

I went to Jason to deal with and figure out the “need “and desire for wine - and letting go of the thoughts and feelings that it has the “ability “to relax and control me... NOPE! I’ve got this. I was drinking 5+ times a week and now I’m down to one time per week, and can’t even really enjoy it anymore. Lots of talk, sessions, and decompression with Jason and powered me that I have such a better purpose and outlook on my life. I am so grateful ❤️. Wine SUCKS!

Corey Woodworth Attica, NY - Mar 20, 2019

I came in as a heavy smoker looking to quit. I did the program and quit after my first session. I would highly recommend this to anyone that wants to beat the addiction.

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