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* Individual Results May Vary

* Individual Results May Vary

Rita O. NY - Aug 6, 2013

Fear of snakes

Martin Nunez Rochester, NY - Apr 24, 2013

I had six sessions with Jason to work on different issues such as anxiety, depression, insecurities etc due to a bad incident that has to do with spirituality and religiosity that left me almost impossible to deal with life. I have to admit the results were amazing and my levels of anxiety went dramatically down and I feel that life is less hard to deal with. Thank you Jason we will indeed see meet again.

Andi Cappoli Rochester, NY - Nov 20, 2012

I recently underwent the Hypnoband weight loss surgery. I have lost to date 24 pounds and I feel fantastic! I am so motivated to go to the gym every day, to reshape my body and the pounds are dropping off. Jason has changed my out look on food and excersize and he has changed my life! I used to be a skeptic, but now Im a firm believer in hypno therapy of all kinds. It\'s like a spa day for your mind. The amount of time, and energy and money people waste every day on the "diet" industry is just sad. Put your belief in yourself! With Jason it IS possible. If I can do it, anyone can!!

Cherie G. Rochester, NY - Nov 20, 2012

Jason did a great job in helping me get to "Higher Consciousness Hypnosis"! I found out why a new guide was sent to me and I am more at peace with the premonition that my husband will die before me for my guide said he will help me. I am very excited about taking Reiki I & II in June. Every day I study from the workbook the teacher gave me and the material I ordered over the internet.

Gail Frank Rochester, NY - Nov 20, 2012

Jason is not only knowledgeable about hypnosis, he is an expert at nutrition and weight loss. He helped me lose the ten pounds I gained after being out of work for several months and I now have to tools to continue on until I reach my goal weight, which I plan to do by July 4. It was a great experience and I will continue with the confidence boost he gave me for daily living.

Elizabeth Brigham Whitesboro, NY - Nov 20, 2012

Jason came to do a hypnosis show at the anime convention that I had attended with my two good friends. One of my friends and I voulenteered and were seriously hypnotized. It was insanity! (But in a good way) It really made our trip worth wile. Thanks Jason :)

S. Alexander Webster, NY - Nov 20, 2012

I went to see Jason after a year of working for a bully. I went home in tears at least 3 days a week and had anxiety attacks daily driving in to work. I saw Jason 3x and asked that he help me control my emotions enough to hide them from my boss due to him feeding off my perceived weakness. Not only did Jason help me, he got me past the feelings of inadequacy and insecurity. I stood up to my boss, demanded respect and even had enough self confidence to apply for a new job. I went on one interview and rocked it. I start my new job in 2 weeks, and have Jason to thank for it. I can never thank you enough for giving "me" back to me.

Jay Kay Batavia, NY - Jun 26, 2012

His stage hypnosis rules! My grad party was the talk of the town this weekend. Thanks man!

Keith Evans - Apr 24, 2012

Hey Jason, thanks for hypnotizing me for being more confident around women. I've found myself less shy and have already landed several dates. Thanks again!

Ashley F. - Apr 24, 2012

I went to Jason to help me with anxiety and anger management. I cannot explain how awesome it felt to go through hypnosis and come out feeling more relaxed than I have ever felt. Thank you Jason!

Carrie Borrello - Apr 24, 2012

I experienced a session of stress relaxation hypnosis through skype with Jason. From the comfort of home in TN all the way to NY I benefited from Jason and hypnosis! I had an amazing feeling of blissfulness and my body felt warm and relaxed. My breathing and heart rate slowed and my mind was at ease. I was shocked by how much the hypnosis affected me physically! It was a wonderful experience and incredibly positive! Well worth investing!

Kelli S. - Apr 24, 2012

Thanks for a great experience with hypnosis. My first session I felt the relaxation and warmth radiate through my body. I can't wait to do it again and see how much deeper I can go.

Wanda McGee - Apr 24, 2012

Thanks to the simple three session stop smoking program, I'm proud to say that I've been smoke free for over two months! It still amazes me how easy it was with hypnosis. After years of trying every other method imaginable, I finally found one that works.

Glenn W - Apr 24, 2012

I recently finished the 8 week weight loss hypnosis program with Jason. I am proud to say I have now lost 20 lbs. I found the sessions very relaxing but at the same time motivating and invigorating. I feel that these sessions have changed my lifestyle for the better. Although I feel that I have made healthy food choices in the past, I had a portion control problem. I now find that I have overcome that issue and know when I am full and satisfied and do not overindulge. This program has very much helped me with wanting to be fit. I have been exercising daily and feel the need to fit it into my day, something I have always struggled with prior to my hypnosis experience. These sessions have definately increased my motivation to eat healthy and exercise regularly. For me it has been an amazing experience. Jason was professional and seems to genuinely want to help one succeed. I would recommend to anyone who has been thinking about trying hypnosis to give it a try and keep an open mind about the possibilities. Jason, thanks so much for giving me the motivation to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Rubu D. - Apr 24, 2012

I went to Jason to overcome my fear of dogs (I think dogs are beautiful but I was terrified of them for as long as I remember) I am happy to say now I can walk past one with out panicking, & today I walked through a door and there was a pug dog on the other side that the daycare teacher had brought in for the kids to play with, I was surprised when I saw him because I didn't expect to see a dog, but I was not afraid instead I played with (Freddie) held him & shared my hypnosis with the teachers & a little one who had a little fear of him, I cant put into wods how great it felt. Thank U Jason for opening up a whole new world to me. Be Blessed.

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