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* Individual Results May Vary

* Individual Results May Vary

Kathy P Rochester, NY - Oct 24, 2013

I went to see Jason for stress management and to control my borderline blood pressure to avoid going on meds. He has totally changed my thinking. I spent years trying to stop stress in my life.  He helped me realize I cannot control or stop stress in life, but I am TOTALLY in control of my reactions to it.  After a couple of sessions, I was able to drop my blood pressure from 142/85 down to 121/80 with a 10 minute "stress break" trance at home.  Each session has left me feeling relaxed, rejuvinated and in even more control of my life.  I am now a firm believer in hypnosis.

Ms. L. Rochester, NY - Sep 23, 2013

Hi Jason,
I wanted to let you know that I am very satisfied with my last session and I will be booking 5 sessions next Monday when I come in.
Thank you!

David Huffman Rochester, NY - Sep 3, 2013

You have helped me change my life. I have now been accident free for almost A year within 2 weeks.  Thankyou very much!!  I am a firm believer thath hypnosis is a way to definatly make your life better and to overcome most anything that is troubling!!!  Thanks again for all of your help a.nd hope to see you soon. Best wishes always

Gary Simboli Albion, NY - Aug 17, 2013

I have been dealing with weight issues my entire life...losing, trying to maintain and of course gaining back what was lost plus a little more.  I have tried every weight loss program and diet known to man, each one making me feel deprived and depressed...and of course the weight came back.  So I quite trying at all.  I recently decided to try again.  Counting my calories and exercising over an hour a day, I lost not one single pound.  Depressed and feeling out of control I decided to call Roc Hyponsis.  After my consultation with Jason, I decided to sign up for the 8 week weight loss program.  After 3 weeks, cutting my exercising down to 30 minutes a day and NO counting calories...I have lost 12 pounds and the weight seems to magically continue to drop off.  Jason, thank you for giving me my focus and confidence back.  I know I will reach my goal and be able to keep it off!

Deborah Brenner High Point, NC - Aug 14, 2013

I went to see Jason with many issues. The main one was smoking. I have been married 36 years and have smoked most of it. My husband was against smoking and it caused much stress on my marriage. I was a closet smoker but he could still smell it. I have tried everything to try to quit. This was my last effort. My 3rd session was my commitment session. It was so real and awesome that I believe I will never smoke again. It has been 2 months and no urge unlike other methods. I wish I had found Jason and his hypnosis years ago. I was so impressed that I have now under went hypnosis for the Hypno-Band for weight loss. Jason has away of making you feel comfortable with his voice. He spends a lot of time explaining the procces so you can feel confident in having hypnosis. My husband was sold after 30 minutes of talking to Jason. He was not much for hypnosis until Jason explained it all. I would highly recommend hypnosis with Jason for any issue you are experiencing. In closing I feel God has lead me to Jason. I praise Him for putting Jason in my life.

Rita O. NY - Aug 6, 2013

Fear of snakes

Martin Nunez Rochester, NY - Apr 24, 2013

I had six sessions with Jason to work on different issues such as anxiety, depression, insecurities etc due to a bad incident that has to do with spirituality and religiosity that left me almost impossible to deal with life. I have to admit the results were amazing and my levels of anxiety went dramatically down and I feel that life is less hard to deal with. Thank you Jason we will indeed see meet again.

Andi Cappoli Rochester, NY - Nov 20, 2012

I recently underwent the Hypnoband weight loss surgery. I have lost to date 24 pounds and I feel fantastic! I am so motivated to go to the gym every day, to reshape my body and the pounds are dropping off. Jason has changed my out look on food and excersize and he has changed my life! I used to be a skeptic, but now Im a firm believer in hypno therapy of all kinds. It\'s like a spa day for your mind. The amount of time, and energy and money people waste every day on the "diet" industry is just sad. Put your belief in yourself! With Jason it IS possible. If I can do it, anyone can!!

Cherie G. Rochester, NY - Nov 20, 2012

Jason did a great job in helping me get to "Higher Consciousness Hypnosis"! I found out why a new guide was sent to me and I am more at peace with the premonition that my husband will die before me for my guide said he will help me. I am very excited about taking Reiki I & II in June. Every day I study from the workbook the teacher gave me and the material I ordered over the internet.

Gail Frank Rochester, NY - Nov 20, 2012

Jason is not only knowledgeable about hypnosis, he is an expert at nutrition and weight loss. He helped me lose the ten pounds I gained after being out of work for several months and I now have to tools to continue on until I reach my goal weight, which I plan to do by July 4. It was a great experience and I will continue with the confidence boost he gave me for daily living.

Elizabeth Brigham Whitesboro, NY - Nov 20, 2012

Jason came to do a hypnosis show at the anime convention that I had attended with my two good friends. One of my friends and I voulenteered and were seriously hypnotized. It was insanity! (But in a good way) It really made our trip worth wile. Thanks Jason :)

S. Alexander Webster, NY - Nov 20, 2012

I went to see Jason after a year of working for a bully. I went home in tears at least 3 days a week and had anxiety attacks daily driving in to work. I saw Jason 3x and asked that he help me control my emotions enough to hide them from my boss due to him feeding off my perceived weakness. Not only did Jason help me, he got me past the feelings of inadequacy and insecurity. I stood up to my boss, demanded respect and even had enough self confidence to apply for a new job. I went on one interview and rocked it. I start my new job in 2 weeks, and have Jason to thank for it. I can never thank you enough for giving "me" back to me.

Jay Kay Batavia, NY - Jun 26, 2012

His stage hypnosis rules! My grad party was the talk of the town this weekend. Thanks man!

Keith Evans - Apr 24, 2012

Hey Jason, thanks for hypnotizing me for being more confident around women. I've found myself less shy and have already landed several dates. Thanks again!

Ashley F. - Apr 24, 2012

I went to Jason to help me with anxiety and anger management. I cannot explain how awesome it felt to go through hypnosis and come out feeling more relaxed than I have ever felt. Thank you Jason!

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